50 comments on “25 Facts About Animal Cruelty

  1. this is terrible, sad and anyone with a human bone in their body should stand up against this kind of acts on animals. I encourage anyone who has read these facts to do something about it. Weather it is donating to a charity fighting for animals freedom, or sending a letter/email to a owner of caged animals that do not have a appropriate habitat, such as a zoo or farm.

  2. My name is Kaitlyn and my friend and I used this information we are going to take a stand and stop animal abuse because any animal has no reason to die just because a human wants it to they should stop killing as many animals as they do we are getting as much facts as we can and if your one of us email us at StopAnimalabuse2014@gmail.com

  3. hi my name is brittany. I used your fact for my multi genre project.your info was very helpful to make my point on why we need harsher punishment for animal abusers. I really hope other people can agree the same thing. I think its really sad that we have poor laws such as a 3 year jail time and a felony charge. it should be alot higher but i can’t make that ddesicaion. I really hope people can particapatie in the waering arange for animal abuse awareness month in april

    • I’m very happy to hear from someone in school who’s awake to the suffering of animals. I agree with you wholeheartedly WE NEED LAWS!! For me, I spend most of my time fight against the circus, and animal testing at the University of Florida. Enacting animal cruelty laws would be help for all issues- kudos to you! Are you active in any peaceful actions where you are? You can contact me on my Facebook page for lots of info and I probably know someone close to your area if you don’t know of any groups . http://www.facebook.com/lgrossman621

      • Hi im in school doin a projec also. i dont have facebook touh so think ou could give some facts on here? thanks!


          I think its great when young people want to know more about animals and how to help them. I’ll tell you right from the start- humans hurt animals A LOT. You might not be able to hear all of it, but everyone can find an issue to be a part of and help animals! For me, I take action against circuses and animal testing. Sadly, there are many issues and you can find one where you belong. A choice to start helping animals makes you an animal rights activist, or ARA! Congratulations! Don’t worry if you’re not vegan (don’t eat or use animal products), you can learn more about that too.

          I’ve been an ARA for only 3.5 years so not very long. I learned a lot of what I know from signing petitions online to help animals. I suggest you start there. Click this link and search for an animal you like. Or, an issue you might have heard about. ** http://www.thepetitionsite.com/ ** Be brave- you have to be to help animals because you’ll see another secret world where humans do bad things to our innocent furry friends. If no one was brave, animals wouldn’t get the help they deserve. Since I found the petition site, I put a day aside every week to sign, sign, sign! PETITIONS DO WORK TO STOP CRUELTY!

          You have heard of PeTA I’m sure. Some people love them, some people hate them, lol! I will help any group who needs me for an animal cruelty issue as long as its valid. I don’t agree with everything about PeTA, but in my city they can call me day or night to go help an animal. And they do! I do PEACEFUL protests when they post on their site about an issue and they will send you stuff to use. Like how the movie The Hobbit killed 27 animals while making it. So we went to our movie theaters and held signs saying don’t go! So PeTA is a good place to start and they have a group for young people PeTA2!! Go to their site be a part of them- they will teach you a lot about how young people can help!
          http://www.peta2.com/about-peta2/ , http://www.peta2.com/issues/

          And PLEASE PLEASE think about going vegan one day soon!

          • your sooooooo helpful. im only 12 so i cant be a vegan cause im still growing and developing. i need my nutrition. well ill look into their site. thanks so much for helping.

            • Good luck with you project :)
              I know this is hard to hear- I didn’t know either. There are millions of vegans, not dying from a lack of nutrition and many of them are kids! Pretend we don’t care about animals for a minute. MEAT, EGGS AND MILK ARE POISON. Vegans that start young don’t get cancer, or diabetes, or heart attacks, or high cholesterol or most other diseases. It’s proof that vegan is the most healthy nutrition you can get. We are just trained to believe otherwise so that the meat and milk people can make money. Terrible thought huh? For milk, how did we ever believe that we needed the body fluids of another creature to survive? How can we believe we are meat eaters at all when we are nothing like other meat eaters? Anyway, vegan is the way to save the planet and stay healthy. And most importantly you will never have anything on your plate that screamed in pain and begged for its life. On the side of this page is The Video Of The Week and a pic below for you to check out. (They aren’t gross like some)

              • huh. okay and i dont like meat and the taste. and my dad doesnt cook it right so when i see the blood i almost cry. i CANT eat meat i dont have the heart (and taste bubds :P) to do so. thanks for ALL your help!

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    • actually they are all true special the cows. i work with farm animals and know of mas prodcution farms that do the things that are posted on this site.

  5. so people don’t understand that animals do have feelings and they then take advantage of them which is the meanest thing anyone can do :( :( :(

  6. this is bull! has anybody seen the Iowa pig farm video? ‘the pigs are bouncy” a girl says justifying why they throw the PIGLETS they also smash their heads on the ground! to reminde you they’re only

  7. people who do this have no life and they need to be punished in facts what ever happens to the animals should go right back to them but i know that there are some animals that have been saved by that disaster and are now in better care so good bless their souls we just have to look foward to a better future.

  8. Its sad to know that humanity is getting worst day to day but one thing i know god will make them pay.

  9. i cant beleive they would do that!? do they do it for plesore or mony? either way is so crule!

  10. animals should be love… not beaten or use for chemical drugs also the milk they make for humans…should be stop to…

    • Yes your right. The best way for everyone to do something about it is to go vegan. If you scroll down the sidebar on the right, you can click to get a free vegan started kit and see if you might try it.

    • Animals Cruelty isn’t a goo thing right now because animals are be beaten and killed. They should be love and cared for, they shouldn’t be killed. Many people shouldn’t be killed for any reasons. That’s messed up for the animals ,because they need to be loved

  11. This is insane! They should make laws against all of this happening! Animals deserve loving families just as much as humans do.

  12. Why do people treat animal this way?How would humans like it if they where treated the way some animals are treated .

  13. its so sick how people treat God’s creatures!! they hurt them and kill them by hurting them this broke my heart to a million pieces when i read this page and i really want to just hurt the others that would do this for money or something. uhhhh this is sooo sick!!!!

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