7 comments on “NON ANIMAL ALTERNATIVES LIST: Just a fraction of what’s out there

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    • I do wish I had time to devote just to this subject. Vivisectors use the lie that they have to torture animals to save humanity and each year more and more alternatives become available.

  2. I donated stem cells in one of Toronto Hospitals. Adults have them near sinuses and I had sinus surgery. There was research done about Alzheimer disease. You got it perfect Lisa, I just don’t know if those perverts accepted those ways in their twisted minds. Probably to have pleasure from torturing and killing poor animals, they live in denial. I don’t know what is in the head of sociopath or psychopath who act like Nazi. They should have disappeared from hospitals, schools long time ago and be locked for people safety. I wonder who is giving them so much power, we know who is giving them money…. shame for human race. They are deviated, but those around give them a quiet “yes” and this is what scares me.

  3. THIS is very up to date, excellent source of knowledge on what even the NIH is now supporting. I see animal models soon to be a thing of the past. It is about time they realized they are inhumane, dangerous and nothing but fraud on the American taxpayers. Thank you Lisa

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