6 comments on “UF RECORDS Little Girl: Another Victim from the Dennis E. Brooks Torture Chamber at UF

  1. Right – why can we not get hold of Dennis Brooks or in fact all involved with this cruelty to this little girl and give him /them some of his own medicine????? god how i would love to! What kind of a cruel savage is this??? So wish Alf could teach him the lesson of his life but they are far away.

    • Virginia, the heartbreaking reality of fighting for lab animals/death camp prisoners is that its very hard to get them out of labs once they’re being used. All of Brooks’ victims were pass around to different researchers for TEN YEARS. Most are killed to study their pathology, or so the public won’t see the condition they are in. Dennis Brooks deserves to have alot of suffering come his way, but sadly the laws allow him and others like him to continue. I have been convicted of trespass for being in the Genetics Lab at the University of Florida. And I have a complaint on the books right now from UF torturer Professor Raymond Bergeron. They have also spent the last 8 months trying to TAKE ME TO TRIAL for standing on the sidewalk with a suspended drivers license! The vivisection complex has many follower, much like a cult and including the police, who will what they are told no matter how absurd.

      I think the students are the key…1. Don’t even start cutting- refuse dissection. 2. Set someone free today!

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