2 comments on “UF RECORDS: University of Florida Publically Advocates Child Molestation

  1. I am crying so much reading this.I could not look at any more little bodies tortued or read any more.You bastards have no heart.How how can you sleep at nite??? I’m ashamed of humanity.Such a depraved society!

    • All universities do this Marsha 😦 University of Washington at Madison is another hell hole for animals. Something we can all do is buy cruelty-free products; cleaners, laundry stuff, make-up, etc. These things are 1. Not tested on animals and 2. don’t contain stuff made from animal parts. I will tell you some affordable products that are all or mostly vegan: e.l.f. make up. They’re online, at Target and CVS. Wet n Wild is mostly vegan except for their red lip pencils (crushed up carmine beetle for color) Jason and Natures Gate shampoo and conditioners are in a lot of grocery stores. Seventh Generation makes laundry soap, hand soap, dish soap and kitchen cleaner. Beauty Without Cruelty (BWC) has great skin care stuff. Anyway, if we dont buy the stuff the test on animals, they will stop testing ❤

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