4 comments on “Houdini couldn’t escape torture or blindness before being murdered in UF’s primate prison

  1. … have been following closely the u of f “crime”lab devolution. houdini otherwise 44D – other wise – such pointless mishandling of a creature meant to live a life. i would bet – i would cynically suspect – not a speck of info was gathered th@ could have helped a human. as we have learned & seen, the euphemisms & “cutesy” terms used – pervade ! health surveillance, ketamine used. returned to cage – recovering. just within part one of houdini’s captivity (abuse) – it is maddeningly shameful human conduct.

  2. This is so so sad. This intelligent monkey and many other, tortured daily. They should do this to them and see how they like it. I am a member of PCRM and there are alternatives. I sent letters to all the executives at Walmart providing the money for this torture. Where is PETA, HSUS, ASPCA? This lab needs to be shut down!!

    • Sadly Cindy, we just found HSUS on the university of florida’s “honor roll” of big donors 😦 Fighting to get animals testing banned is going to be a long fight.

    • … yae cindy – p c r m seems very dedicated & sane. seems as if & it may be so – th@ for all the so called good deeders, or maybe i could say – ya just never know. really – the shadow puppets – for so long thinkin’ oh man peta – way cool cutting edge. then, what, later reading th@ for reasons beyond my understanding – killing excess creatures as they traveled in a van dropping the dead bodies in a clandestine fashion. now maybe this is misunderstood by me. i do not know. i D O Know th@ the newest of proposed Farm Bill(s) is downright demonic. many of the attached amendments are anti human (without the e) & anti animal. by golly, it may even impact those dopey money hungry senators & house reps who mingle with the mirk !

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