9 comments on ““Part” Of Snapperfest Is Cancelled??

  1. Who is pressuring DNR, Animal Control to cease and desist and who is bringing animal cruelty charges? These troglodytes need to be in cages and beat upon with hammers, not the defensless turtles. No such teeth in the law unfortunately. What low life our species has devolved to.

  2. Hmm, so, what happens if you grab one of those macho men by their neck and follow the same steps they do with the poor turtles? Any studies been done on that yet?…

    • I’m with you on that Denise- with special time given to the inbred SOB who thought this up.

  3. This is a dreadfull state of affairs,this cant be called fun when the animal is getting terribly stressed+destroyed. Please Aurura don’t show how undisiplined you are,we are not in the dark ages any more,we should show how educated we are+this is definetly very very wrong.

  4. brave bastards! sneaky snapperfest! just take a look at the competitors! they haven’t got a clue. brainless morons! why are the organizers trying to hide it? do they think there’s something wrong with what they’re doing? how much shorter would the “terrorist” list be if the govt enforced animal cruelty laws. but, they won’t listen!

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