2 comments on “The Battle For The Innocent Is Real

  1. I read most of articles. Great job, great website. I just doubt that meat eaters will have enough guts to come here. I feel sick. This is horrible. We cause so much suffering. I am vegan, but I feel bad because I only sign petitions and send letters for those animals. Words without action mean not much. Changes are too slow. Greed is always on the top. Boycotting works, it is about money like almost everything in our sick world.

    • Thanks. And I know they won’t come on their own but I can refer them here or make them curious with the articles, then they may look around. I can hear it in your writing voice Magdalena, that your having one of those days of feeling overwhelmed. I know what you mean, changes are very slow especially with fighting vivisection. You almost never get to see anyone get out. People make fun of us that we aren’t completely vegan when we say no one really is. The problem is that humans have used animal flesh, blood and bones in every nook and cranny of our existance. It’s horrific.
      And sadly, we have to work on the money aspect of all campaigns because you’re right greed is always on top. I couldn’t warm up to that when I first realized it. In 2010 I was sure we could change the hearts of people once we showed them the animal holocaust. Not true. Activists are either liberating animals or getting in the way of profiteers buying any. I know you won’t like to hear it on your off day, but we have to settle on that to get anything done, I think. Much love and respect to you Magdalena for all you do…never discount your own work for the innocent animals.

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