One comment on “Activist Bob Barker Snubbed

  1. Its unbelievable that Mr Barker was passed over for this event! HE IS The Price is Right! Not only was it rude and inconsiderate on a personal level, it was unprofessional, shows lack of right judgement and they obviously didn’t care about the fans AT ALL! Mr. Barkers light shines bright and he’s making such a magnanimous positive shift on this planet, maybe MORE than any living being being alive, that perhaps there were personal inadequacy issues with the shows developers. Mr Barker was Mr. Price is Right but now he is MR. RIGHT! I just gasp when I hear of The Huge Acts of Compassion he steps up to the plate for! What a Guy! An Angel Walks the Earth! The lengths this man goes to end suffering in the world is unsurpassed by anyone! I want to be just like him when I grow up! God I Love That Man! I remember when I must’ve been 4 or 5,my mother always watched The Price is Right! I didn’t know how much of a hero he would be to me in my 60’s! I do remember his upbeat attitude and contagious smile which was healing for me even as a child living in quite a depressing household. I would like to be able thank him personally for all he does for the animals& planet as well! Goodnight Sweet Prince~

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