66 comments on “Florida Farmhand Arrested for ‘Having Sex with 21-Month-Old Female Miniature Donkey Named Doodle’

  1. Sadly this crime is a misdemeanor…when found guilty prob just a slap on hand. These types wouldn’t think twice about molesting a child next, IMO…The judge should force this ass to stand on the street corner with a sign saying, I was found guilty of having sex with an animal….also put him on a sex offender list…this guy is a major mental case….what will he be picked up for next???

      • Yeah, if he had done this to a child, they’d have nailed him to a cross by now. It really burns me that animals are seen as inferior to human young. Frankly, I can hardly stand to be in the same room with human young, but I enjoy sharing space with non-humans, young or old.

  2. And DarrelC.. By the way.. I am vegan.. And against ALL types of animal exploitation .. How about you?

  3. Darellc, equine or not, ALL rape is rape and it is not ok. And so that you can get an idea of what I am saying imagine your 7 year old daughter being raped… Would you call that an unfortunate incident??? You would call it rape and it wouldn’t be any better because other girls are raped daily by other creeps.. Right????? So let this raped girl go to a sanctuary and be careful who you get as a farmhand next time!!

  4. I have responded to my original comment. Based on the additional comments regarding my original comment I will respond no further as the discussion has become uncivil. There are more productive uses for ones time and efforts than respond to these types of dialogs.

    ~”Thousands of people who say they ‘love’ animals sit down once or twice a day to enjoy the flesh of creatures who have been utterly deprived of everything that could make their lives worth living and who endured the awful suffering and terror of the abattoirs.” – Jane Goodall~

    • DarrellC- so you would ask someone nicely to stop kicking your dog? Again your comment shows you are a speciesist who is not concerned with animals wellbeing. That’s what speciests usually do when they know they are wrong…Boohoo, your not being nice to me after I said I won’t help an animal get to sanctuary because the rape of a young animal is just an unfortunate incident.Seriously??

  5. How can any decent human say,”I see nothing amiss with allowing another individual stewardship of this being”. This amounts to a moron defending a rapist.A rape is a rape regardless of the circumstance.A rape does not equal a stewardship.Both the idiot defending AND the rapist makes me sick.And yes I signed the petition and networked it many times to get that sick person’s name plastered all over the world.The world knows Carlos Romero raped a sweet innocent donkey

  6. After reading this ‘news’ story, I won’t sign the petition. I see nothing amiss with allowing another individual stewardship of this being. Such ‘suspicious’ logic that she might go to another ‘sicko’ is over-reactive and unfounded. I’ve been involved with equine rescue and welfare as an individual since the latter 70’s. Foolishly I undertook consulting in equine reproductive management until the early 80’s until I ‘got a clue’ that what I was doing was contributing to the issue of equine abuse and exploitation. This story speaks of ‘rape’, I can state with some authority that the equine breeding industry routinely ‘rapes’ female equines (e.g., forced breedings that use restraint, oftentimes breeding individuals before they are mentally and/or physically mature)! This experience has passionately biased my perspective on human ‘morality’ and how speciesist the majority of humanity is. If I weren’t absolutely equine-full (I am blessed to tend to 21 each day) I would appreciate the opportunity to ‘make it right’ for this beautiful, sweet soul. IMO this as an over reaction to an unfortunate incident. Extrapolating this type of ‘logic’ rescue and welfare organizations should never place any animal in the care of an individual…

    ~”There are no whole truths; all truths are half-truths. It is trying to treat them as whole truths that plays the devil.” – Alfred North Whitehead~

    • DarrellC
      OMG. An unfortunate incident?? Obviously, then you are completely unable to see that Doodle has been assaulted physically and mentally and needs rehabilitation like any other victim. So you’re not speaking with any authority on behalf of victims. But even someone like you can see just by odds that sanctuary offers Doodle the best odds of no more human abuse.

      • *shakes head and sighs* And what of the equine breeding industry that rapes? This doesn’t ‘traumatize’ its victims? Yes I can speak with authority on this and attest that it does. This gets virtually ignored and is a part of why I ended my involvement . There are numerous individuals, myself included, that are quite capable of dealing with such issues. Trying to exclude and/or limit placement possibilities other than ensuring that she doesn’t go to a place where she would be abused and/or exploited is simply something that I won’t support. Abuse and exploitation can be found in virtually any environment where humans are involved if it makes you feel any better I am quite willing to use the word ‘tragic’ instead of ‘unfortunate’…

        ~”Life is life – whether in an animal or man. There is no difference there between an animal or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man’s own advantage.” – Sri Aurobindo~

        • DarrellC- Changing words is sarcastim in the face of suffering- are you a friend of Romero??? Female Rape= ANY non concentual vaginal penetration. Period. I think your not a well human. And to address what a person like you will likeley say next, on the issue of a victimized young girl, yes, she was raped.

          A reminder of what our little girl was put through:

          *Romero said that he masturbated with Doodle, but said he did not have sex with the critter because ‘she’s blooming into maturity,’ The Ocala Star-Banner reported.
          *Romero said “he stands behind the donkey, scratches her withers and masturbates.”
          *Romero said “he uses his fingers and saliva to clean the donkey’s clitoris and check for wood shavings and debris.”
          *Romero said his penis may have come in contact with the donkey’s vagina by accident and his semen “may have splattered inside the donkey by accident.”
          *Romero said he’s been having sex with horses since he was 18

        • Why, oh why, oh WHY do people have to always compare one form of abuse to another and because one, to them or others, seems just as abusive or more abusive but is allowed then the “lesser” abuse should also be allowed? This is the argument of someone that doesn’t know how to draw a line or can but doesn’t know which side to stand on. DarrellC, let me help you decide: ALL ABUSE IS WRONG AND ALL ABUSE SHOULD BE STOPPED! If I came across a petition to stop the breeding abuse you speak of, I would sign it in a heartbeat! I already have signed countless petitions on very similar cases. But to label ANY KIND OF ABUSE as an UNFORTUNATE INCIDENT is nothing short of callous and hurtful. No sentient being should be allowed to be hurt, victimized or set up for an opportunity to be hurt again. A qualified sanctuary is the best and only truly safe option for this gentle being to ensure her safety going forward. And I echo the questions of those that wonder why you would even waste your time posting such dribble on a site set up to let people know of the abuse and share the petition.

          • Well said Jb Dean. You’ll be happy to know that DarrellC left boohooing because no one would be nice to him when he said he wouldn’t help Doodle and that her rape was “an unfortunate incident.” I’m ashamed to be in the same species as him.

    • Darell C–I cannot imagine a reaction that would qualify as “over” regarding Doodle. She was raped by a human. That is indisputable. She deserves nothing less than absolute and accountable sanctuary. Non-negotiable. For the shelter currently giving her safe-harbour to allow for any less is inexcusable. Non-negotiable. (So odd you find me caring about this donkey and her future guaranteed safety classifies me as an over-reactionary. I’m proud I care and wish more people would bother taking the time to err on the side of caution!)

    • Darrell I do thank you for what you are doing to help our horses. You will have to excuse us if you feel this is overreacting. Must be the woman in us that reacts to rape with such fear. I myself have signed, I have BEGGED for signatures. This is a very important issue to me. Doodle is small, sweet and needs the support of all of us (at least us females) we fear she will end up in the wrong hands again. There are too many sick people running loose these days. With this place right in Florida & it seems nobody in authority is willing to shut em down. Forgive us for being women and doing all we can to insure little Doodle’s safety, she has truly been through enough in her short little life. Godspeed on all you do for our animals. http://www.myfoxtampabay.com/story/18772367/investigator-horses-being-slaughtered-on-hillsborough-county-farms

      • Kathy, please do not include us in your apology and request for forgiveness to this cretin (DarrellC). You may be helping in Doodle’s plight but your comment makes women look like we need a man’s permission to do what is right. Stand up to him instead and tell him to get a life and get out of ours (and Doodle’s)!

    • YOU, DarrelC are either a Moron, a Pedophile, a Psychopath, or an Idiot. or possibly all 4. Just because the equine breeding industry routinely RAPES female equines, does that make it ok? Using YOUR NAME in the same sentence with the word LOGIC is an OXYMORON… LIKE YOU. YOU are Clearly a Moron, and it is OBVIOUS that YOU are a Serial Rapist if YOU are sticking up for this sicko.

    • Darell, Aren’t you the arrogant, condescending male?
      What a typical response.
      This animal was molested and you can use all the insipid, flowery language you like, wrong is still wrong.
      You wrote quite a bit here and I noticed it is all about yourself.
      The good news is what you say or think is actually of no merit. Don’t sign the petition, please keep your misogynist self esteemed values to yourself. While you are busy sharing your self absorbed rhetoric the rest of us will be effectively handling this sexual assault.

    • Okay, okay, it’s awful I agree, but nothing’s worth killing someone over. Gays are defective in the same way, but we can’t kill them over it.

      • No gays aren’t the same. They are merely humans that fall in love with people of the same sex and enter into a mutual relationship with a willing and loving partner.
        Their personal lives are consensual and not about molesting others! They are about loving relationships not violence toward helpless vulnerable beings.
        There is no comparison here, the donkey was molested and it needs to be in a safe haven.

        • “Merely humans that fall in love with people of the same sex…a willing and loving partner.” And so as long as an act is consensual, it is acceptable? If these perverts are so low as to engage in these acts, they don’t MERIT the right of consent. Raise your consciousness.

      • Excuse me Judith Shipstad,,, I’m straight & I take GREAT offense to your sick comment. How dare you bring up that statement in an animal right group. We are activists here and we stand by the innocent. We do not care about race nor sexual orientation nor politic nor religion in the world of animals rights. We only care that they stand with us for the animals. Which brings up my next question,,WHY ARE YOU HERE?

        • Excuse me Miss Chadwell, drop the gay rights crap or get out of animal rights. Or are “we” a nest of gays, infiltrating the animal rights movement in order to ride on its coattails? But before you go, would you like to explain how you consider gays “innocent”? Your alleged “straightness” sounds bogus to me.

    • Bless your heart Judith- no its not made up. He is so sick but cannot be charged with bestiality because penetration cannot be proven. Make no mistake, this little girl was raped. But it will be a cold day in hell when an officer orders a rape kit for an innocent young animal.

      Doodles troubles aren’t over. The animal shelter who has her wants to adopt her out when many local animal sanctuaries have offered to take her for free for the rest of her life. She has been through enough with humans and she deserves much more than just a” good home”

      PLEASE share and read and sign if you want to help:
      Protest details online for Florida residence who want to come and stand for out girl Doodle

      Petition to sign…something you can do if you can’t make the protest.

      Protest event on Facebook

      • Okay, I signed. They should do an in-depth study on this individual to find out why his brain works the way it does. This crime should get more widespread publicity. Maybe there are others in the closet like him.

        • Thank you for signing- it will make a difference for Doodle!!
          Sadly we cannot barely do anything about Romero except to make sure he doesn’t get Doodle back. I have contacted the law. I have contacted Senator Nan Rich who faught for the bestiality law here in Floida (had to fight for it???)
          Its a helpless feeling- all the more reason to shine the light on Doodle until she gets sanctuary. I did go lurking in zooplia/bestiality forums to try to understand. I don’t recommend it unless you have plenty of bleach on hand to wash your brain with afterwards. They say stuff like “…doesn anyone else love their horse more then their wife? I can’t even look at women anymore. I want a divorce but I’m afraid she’ll get the horses.
          GAWD!! I need more bleach!

          Keep up with little Doodle:

          Protest details online for Florida residence who want to come and stand for out girl Doodle

          Petition to sign…something you can do if you can’t make the protest.

          Protest event on Facebook

  7. This SOB is definitely a Jack Ass and deserves to be dealt with sevely, with inmates that I’m sure will want to teach him a lesson about sexual assult.

  8. Maybe he will be gang raped in jail…but then he would probably enjoy that too! What a sick P.O.S. He is just taking up space on this Earth!

  9. What he has done is unnacceptable and we know that. but the guy needs to seek help as far as why he has the attractions to animals before he hurts one of them if he hasn’t already. I hope the public embarrassment will have an affect on him but I think the court should order mandatory counseling or he’ll likely do this again when around another animal if they don’t prohibit him from being around them.

    • Dora, its hard to think that this guy needs anything more than castration, but you are right. I wanted to learn more about this illness so I lurked in a few bestiality/zoophilia places. THESE PEOPLE ARE SO ILL. I don’t recommend trying to read their stuff….you will have to soak your brain in bleach.

    • Leah, Romero is only charged with a misdameanor cruelty charge AND is claiming Doodle cost him $500 so he wants her back! Indeed a sick f**k.

  10. I am sure he left his DNA by accident bc he didn’t think he would be caught….I hope they send him to prison then he will know how the donkey felt!

  11. I just read that in Germany the zoofilia and bestiality are increasing and they have now burdells with animals. What a heartless world

  12. Utterly disgusting behaviour…….make him a eunuch…..sick sick bastard…..wouldnt let him look after kids either…..seriously f****d in the head……..when I look at her I think “what a lovely baby donkey” not “oooh, suits you sir”……..

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