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  2. if your so above everyone in intelligence why are you and your non meat eating friends the ones running every country? is that how you vote? sir never mind the rest of the worlds problems… do you eat meat??? yes dear i do… OH MY GOD stone him to death…again… your head is up your ass

  3. Who ever does Inflicting or killing totally helpless defenceless voiceless animals are pure Cowards. They are not men or women but the ruthless heartless scumbags. It does not matter they have money or not but they all belong in the same catagory & they are the lowest evil vermins on the planet earth. They should die one day the same way what they have done to other living beings. I guess one day their turn will come with bucket full of curses & see the results. What goes around must comes around.

    • To me, it’s just disgusting the way that certain people abuse animals. These animals all belong to GOD & I know in my heart they are going to be judged one day by their actions. We wish the killing would stop. There is far too much violence going on in this world & it seems to be getting worse.

    • Oh! Frances, you are so right. This cruelty towards has to be stopped NOW!!! These animals belong to GOD & I believe that anyone that does harm towards them will be judged one day by their maker. I guess these people have no conscience. We have three beautiful dogs & they give us so much love in return. They actually treat me better than some people that I’ve known in my past.

  4. Shamus come on its time for you killers to evaluate 🙂 You are so late . But since the great minds have not influenced you no wonder you will remain – NO ONE !
    “If I’d known it was harmless, I’d have killed it myself!”
    ― Philip K. Dick,

    “The joy of killing! the joy of seeing killing done – these are traits of the human race at large.”
    ― Mark Twain

    “Hunting is merely a cowardly circumlocution for the especially cowardly murder of fellow creatures who don’t have a chance. Hunting is a variant of human mental illness.”
    — Theodor Heuss (1884-1963), 1st President of the Republic of Germany

  5. Ok, I was raised by a hunter…BUT my dad NEVER shot anything we didn’t eat…..Up to and including snakes…This (what ever she is,) kills for the pure joy of it…This world is losing enough of it’s beautiful wildlife because of the ignorance of human beings….It needs to stop…

    • Yes, Diane, the killing needs to stop. These beautiful animals all belong to GOD & one day, she will pay very dearly for doing what she is doing. You’re absolutely right, this person talks like an inbred with no education & can I say, not much of a brain either? I hate people that do this as my husband & myself are both animal lovers. We have three beautiful dogs & get so much enjoyment out of them. They treat us better than some of the people that we have known in our lifetime. Take care. June Arseneault.

    • Good comment Diane, I agree completely. I thin hunting is fine if the meat is going towards food, but hunting endangered species for sport is screwed up.

  6. Animal Liberation is a farce. Respect for all life is the key, NOT veganism, not sport hunting. Humans are the most overpopulated animal on the planet and we live HARD on this planet of ours. It isnt about killing innocent animals – it is about the HUMANS’ general lack of responsible behavior. Irresponsible breeding; irresponsible economizing; irresponsible religions…….
    A woman’s career has been ruined because of a public outcry against her trophy kills, yet who is stopping the wolf hunting? On the oher side of things, who is managing the wild horses that are decimating our MidWest? Who is stopping the deluge of Cesium 137 out of Fukushima?!

    There are bigger things on this planet that need addressing and you are all bickering about ONE woman with a twisted idea of fun!!! How about you stop hating one someone you will never meet and move to change the things that are ACTUALLY destroying our planet. It is stupid shit like this that prevents the greater public from achieving greater heights by working together.

    • Jane, perhaps you cannot chew gum and walk but many of us can. A complete human addresses and has compassion for both human and animal rights. Its what makes a complete being. As a person who has this ability I can tell you, sadly, it has to be done one abomination at a time. The main characteristic of an ineffective person is that they will try to change the focus of an issue to avoid facing that they do nothing to try to help except babble. As you do the whining about what to do and what not to do, the rest of us are actually doing something….and its working. NatGeo not accepting Melissa Backman as normal is huge- no matter why they did it. She is a psychopath whose “career” is gorifying herself by killing. Sure, there are many serial killers like her out there, but we took a step towards being civilized by showing them as deviants. I hope you can find it in your heart to actually do something to affect just one of the things you mention as important to you. We have.

      • Very well said. Clearly Jane you are not researching any of your claims. The slaughter of all wolf species in our country is a huge ongoing battle which we are tirelessly fighting daily. Environmental causes have never been more advocated than they are today. Check your facts before commenting on issues that you clearly know nothing about.

    • REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes have some really crazy things going on in this world. Come on her CAREER OVER, Well if that’s what you want to call it.A pretty sad one. Trophy hunting is not a sport, it’s for the cowards. And yes I will agree on our wild horses, we need to save them. There going to be gone in the next five years.And the human race is very IRRESPONSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Do you even know what you are talking about??? All the efforts you speak of, including thousands more, are being addressed as we speak and some have been for decades! Unfortunately, the victories are few far and in between! So, when they do happen, they will posted and celebrated so that it give those of us who are actually fighting for the animals, humans, and our planet, some bit of hope….one victory at a time! Maybe you can actually do something too rather than complain about what’s not being done! Personally, I work on quite a few issues, not just one….however, if every person did just one thing, this world would be a far better place!

    • Her ” career” is over???? Is this utter disrespect for the life of sentient beings a ” career”? Then it is a good thing it is over and now she can go and find herself a decent ” respectful and respectable” job and make a career out of it. She should also seek psychiatric help! Anyone whose “career” is murder, is seriously psychopathic !!!

    • You Jane are delusional and the facts you run on about are as stated a distraction to the real problem. Unnecessary killing of animals for pride or personal media purposes is outlandish. This world is full of evil, why would you stand by something so devious? It takes a village to change things even if its only one animal that is saved the world is changed for it and better for it. Multitasking is a great thing you should learn, here I will toss you the definition to get you started. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/multitasking I signed the petition also and am proud of it. The big problem in the world is there are not enough of the little things being fixed which when left to break more usually faulter. I am glad this so called lady is being put in her place, she needs to get a knew hobby. Stamp collecting I hear is non threatening. She needs to know that we the protectors of animals (Volunteer Rescuer my self) will be heard and are many.

    • It is a start Big Mouth, bit it is nice to you pretending you care about the BIGGER things.

    • Animal Liberation is a farce.? Oh yeah Your comments sounded farce too. You have no idea what the heck you are talking about. ‘A woman’s career has been ruined? It sounded like this Melissa woman have no damn education rather than pointing a gun at a helpless defenceless animal & taking the creature down. So in other words she cannot do anything else for her survival but only knows how to shoot the animals & enjoy the blood bath. What a bitch is that & comes from which planet anyways? May be it is very close to shooting her down by some one more powerful than any one of you. Who knows.

      • You are so right. When is this killing going to end? All these innocent animals belong to GOD & I firmly believe that they are going to pay a heavy price someday when they meet their maker. How they keep killing the animals is beyond me & why do they get so much pleasure out of it!!!

  7. Excellent news, well done everyone for signing the petition. I did, but I certainly didn’t send death threats. I’ve had plenty of threatening comments from hunters levelled at me though, so I think they should stop whingeing as thier comments are often far more cruel, and it goes without saying that thier actions certainly are. And please stop pretending that you provide any service with your actions, bar getting your rocks off at watching the life drain out of another creature. There is nothing noble about it.

  8. So good to know petition has been successful and has stopped the glorification of a mass murderer. She is one evil bitch born of a scum family who all enjoy death. Let them enjoy their own and leave beautiful animals alone

    • I agree that people should be stopped killing animals just for the pleasure of it. What a sick mind they must have. These animals all belong to GOD & I’m sure they will be punished when the meet their maker. This is so sick.

  9. The best part about those that believe in hunting animals, and eating them is NATURAL is, they will UNNATURALLY die an early death. Vegans live 10-15 years longer, on average, and, as you can see from the comments above, get 10 more points on IQ tests, on average, also. Live by the sword, die by the sword, and eat DEATH, die EARLY. This is what you call POETIC KARMIC JUSTICE, and EVOLUTION, because natural selection favours the EVOLVED also, as the arc of justice, favours the just. So, if a hunting accident does not kill them, their carnist diet, WILL. THE ONLY VIABLE FUTURE IS A VEGAN ONE, and the ONLY GOOD HUNTER IS A REFORMED ONE, and all that do not shift their paradigm, will die off, like dinosaurs. This is MY version of NATURAL SELECTION.

    • Vegan isn’t evolved. It was cooked meat that allowed primitive humans to become as intelligent as they are today. Also, believe it or not, but plants react in pain as well. Kinda makes sense seeing how they are alive as well. There’s nothing wrong with being an omnivore, it’s what humans are, just as there were omnivorous dinosaurs in the past.

      • If it were meat that developed our intelligent then Lions and tigers etc would be a lot smater than humans, what many paleontologists agree on is the fact that humans used tools and devised plans on how to use them that developed our intelligence.

  10. Los animales que habitan en la tierra tienen el mismo derecho a habitar en ella que nosotros. Y ni tu ni ningún sádico asesino sois quiénes para asesinarlos

  11. You don’t have to kill these innocent animals to survive in this world. As far as I’m concerned, there is too much killing going on & it needs to stop. I’m a lover of animals, have three dogs & I know that every animal belongs to GOD & anyone that hurts them, is going to pay very dearly someday when they meet their maker.

  12. Hi All! Opening day of deer season in Ohio in the morning! I’ve got a couple nice 8 point bucks picked out for my wife and I.

    Happy hunting!


    • The hunter becomes the hunted 🙂 Sooner or later ! And as a real man why dont you hunt without a gun ? Or you are a coward ? Or your gun is extension for something you dont have it ?

    • Sure DanE how about one day in the near future some one who is more powerful than you will come with nice 8.9 calibre gun and will get you & your wife. That would be the day for others to celebrate I guess.

      • It just makes me sick to my stomach when I hear about people getting such a pleasure out of killing innocent animals. These animals all belong to GOD, first, & I really believe that they are going to pay a heaving price one day for doing what they are doing. This killing should be stopped at once!!!

    • I am not a hunter, I do not own a gun, I do not own a crossbow, I do own a knife but it has only been used to fillet a fish or two or a few hundred over the yrs. I must be waiting for the karma gods to get me as well LOL

      everyone is entitled to an opinion, as long as you are not poaching and following the laws I see nothing wrong with hunting, everyone that has made a comment on here must be a vegetarian and if you aren’t your a hypocrite. How can you eat meat of any sort and call a hunter a murderer?? morons

      Happy Hunting DanE

      • For your information Happy hunting DanE I am a Vegetarian and my entire family also don’t eat meat. Infact I have never ever tasted any beef in my life time. The reason? We had a mama cow & a baby cow for milking purpose. Once they were old and died we buried them and then on we never owned any cows either. But they were our beloved animals and our whole family loves animals. I have pets & I love them to death. They love you unconditionally and bring out all the best things out of you. I love animals way better than some humans. That’s the truth. Animals have feelings as same as we do. Why anyone cannot think of another living beings pains & sufferings ??? beyond me.

        • all the power to you but just because myself and 30 billion other people eat meat doesnt make us animals… its a way of life the same as it is a way of life that you chose Mel


          • B, I agree with you to certain degree with what you said to me. But the question here is we are talking about some one who is brutally gunning down majestic animals and showing off to the world while glorifying it. Isn’t that the subject we are supposed to discuss? I don’t understand why people get so aggressive & come up with using abusive foul language to discuss the issue. All in all I must say we all live in this planet earth & it is we human beings as one of the most intelligent species we need to love & respect every living beings living under the sun. Why we are called intelligent? because we could deferenciate the good from the bad. So are we not supposed to be kind & compassionate towards the vulnerables and be gentle & caring? Anyways if you love a pet one day you will experience the unshakable love of that animal towards you. They will bring out the BEST in you !!! “Life is as dear to a mute creature as it is to man. Just as one wants happiness & fears pain, just as one wants to live & not die, so do other creatures” -His Holiness Dalai Lama. Well good luck to you B.

            • I do have 2 dogs and a bearded dragon….. I also grew up working on a farm so i do know the love of an animal you are talking about and i agree this chat has gotten off topic somewhat… trophy hunting for animals such as lions and tigers, elephants or rhinos that are close to extinction need to be monitored carefully… others have brought up hunting deer and game in here and are implying that such hunters are of lower intelligence…. obviously these people either live in a bubble or need to get out of the city they live in and see what these hunters actually do with what they hunt… it isn’t wasted and they pay a good price for each animal they get… the money they collect goes right back into the animals and it is with this money that they have brought animals out of near extinction…. the bubble I refer to them living in also has to do with the fact that these same animals may very well die at the mercy of another predator and it isn’t as quick a death as when a trained hunter kills… there are many facts and beliefs that factor into this… sticking up for animals that are endangered… I am right beside you screaming… but as for the deer that looks like bambi… plenty of them and I don’t see an isssue with it… like i had said before I don’t hunt… I don’t own a gun but i support our hunters 100%

  13. This stuff and you people must be a joke. First off anyone who would send a death threat over someone hunting should be beaten to death themselves. Secondly how do you people not see the necessity of hunting… Sure 3000 years ago it was not absolutely necessary, the animals had ample room and food, but as people and society have encroached on their territory and their food supply covered by new subdivisions and cities ( I’m sure that all of you live in) it is our duty to make the animals demand for food meet the supply of food. Hunters including trophy hunters are the only thing the animals have going for them. Hunters search out the biggest and oldest animal, thus allowing the youth to come up and take control. A perfect example being in northern Australia with the salt water crocodile. After vietnam men slaughtered them close to extinction so hunting was banned until here recently because numbers have exploded and animals have started posing a very real danger to humans in their own back yard.

    I hope also that any death threats are delt with harshly and justly.

    I think Melissa is a fine icon in the outdoor world, I would just like to see any of you dare say such threats to her when she is at work 😉

    It’s always the uneducated individuals that rant about things they know nothing of.

    • LOLOLOLOLOL- A hunter weepy whining about death THREATS?? I always knew you people were all inbred cowards, but I sure didn’t see this coming. Waa.

    • Maverick, I think you have watched top gun too many times. But at any rate who sent death threats? I signed the petition, I’m thrilled the show was canceled, but I didn’t send any death threats. I am always amazed at how those who murder the innocent ALWAYS claim this. Oh but look at YOUR statement. You wish to beat humans to death? Enuff said

    • We do not need to intervene. Its called natural selection. Something that, if still existant amoungst humans, would have seen the death of you a long time ago. You sad, ignorant being..

      • Nick its not natural selection. Maybe back in the paleolithic time it might have been but not now. Its simply pleasure seeking. And that’s a sickness when it includes death. Pleasure and death should not occur in anyone’s heart at the same time. Hunters are generally low IQ, uneducated people not in control of themselves. Further, there are millions of vegans living healthy lives and plenty of studies from highly respected scholarly sources that prove humans do not need meat. Nor are we built to consume it. That makes killing for it completely uncivilized. Its barely even acceptable anymore to pretend you don’t know this- that only works in the minds of low IQ uneducated hunters, not in a civilized people.

    • “Hunters search out the biggest and oldest animal, thus allowing the youth to come up and take control.”….this statement shows how clueless you are when it comes to wildlife management.
      It’s exactly why the gene pool of robust, healthy animals is being depleted.
      Ask your kids science teacher next time before you make a fool of yourself.

      • LOL Jerry, I think the wolves can handle that. More low IQ ignorant hunter babble about how you’re so needed. You don’t need meat, killing for it is wrong. That’s all there is. You are sick.

      • Hunters take the biggest and best, thereby depleting the genetic pool of the strongest specimens. Ninety nine times out of a hundred they do not eat what they murder. They are wasteful destroyers of nature.

        • i don’t know what country your in Gina but all the hunters I know keep the meat from the animals they kill… get a life

  14. I do not see the problems in sending death threats to any of these trophy hunters ( though i would not do it myself). If you look at the big picture, they are hunting for the fun of it, killing innocent beings, what is the problem if someone does the same to them? Why the double standard?

    On another note, you mention the impact that hunting has on the economy as if it is a good thing, i can think of quite a few morally questionable things that is also good to boost the economy, but i am sure that no one would ever consider them. Why do it at the expense of animals that can not defend themselves?

    • Its almost laughable- someone who proudly kills for pleasure whining about being threatened with pain, suffering and death! Although I would be sad for them and their family if someone actually did something horrible to them, I certainly haven’t any sympathy for how they feel about receiving death threats.

  15. Fuck u hippies! I hunt and eat. U just wait for someyto kill it for you.I go get it myself and feed my family. Stupid people! !!

    • We don’t eat meat. You’re suffering with delusions of grandure if you think anyone is waiting for an inbred troglodyte like you to do anything.

        • It just makes me sick to my stomach that there is so much killing of these innocent animals. First of all, these animals belong to GOD & I believe that anyone that hurts & kills them will be punished severely on judgement day. I just don’t understand how anyone gets any pleasure in this. I wish that it could stop NOW!!!

    • Douche bag, why dont you go out and cultivate your food and leave the animals alone?

    • shamus can not comprehend a word you are spewing. Those of us who do not eat meat have no intention of feeding you nor your family flesh. Why am I even addressing this person who talks like an inbred with no education? Never mind you are NOT worth my time

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