24 comments on “Save Bill and Lou- Sanctuary Not Slaughter!

  1. Any inhuman act against any animal that goes unpunished or ignored, is inexcusable & shows a totally lack of character and integrity by the government in power!
    Politicians beware; we had the power to put you in office & we have the power in numbers to take you out!
    Do your JOB!!!!

  2. Animal slaughter is such a sad thing. We humans are so thankless that we do not take a moment to slaughter the animals that have served us for so long. I seriously wish that Billy and Lou are saved.

  3. FYI- this had nothing to do w:eating meat & everything to do w;working animals who deserved to retire as all workers do.
    I know thousands who are standing up for them (now sadly Bill) and eat meat.. This is ethically wrong all the eat around,
    The commenter hopin someone chokes on a cucumber is probably one of those on gmc’s Facebook claiming to be harassed by ‘extremists’, as they themselves search for Bill & Lou articles/blogs et to act like foul mouthed fools.
    Shame on GMC

  4. What a crock of shit! You’re totally fucked in the head! You have no connection in the school and no idea what you’re saying. I hope you choke on that cucumber!

    • I know the pics of slaughter are very horrible papa bear. I understand your reaction. But it IS the truth of what will be done to Bill if he’s slaughterd. And, sadly, its the truth about what students supporting that decision would be sending him to. Its torture and fear and Bill will scream out in pain. I’m sure you weren’t told that, but I’m surprised no one checked into it.

    • Wow–papa….are you representative of the class of higher learning at GMC? (I can only guess you take the short bus to school.) If you have a statement/ comments, perhaps consider talking out loud until you calm down enough to not sling swear words and vague insults.

      • I don’t represent the school, I think this whole vegan garbage is a crock of shit! If I want to eat an animal I should be able to eat and animal, stop throwing this trash on the internet because you can’t handle the choices other people make!

          • ABSOLUTELY! Fucking self-centered sickos all of them. Can you believe they say right out loud that if you have a negative opinion about VT your bullying them?? Like they don’t allow free speech and opinions in VT??

          • Can anyone else hear the banjo and the frightening little voices telling us we have “really purdy eyes” boys?
            Jim Jones–look out…the rest of your kool-aid/sneaker-wearing freaks are coming to join you.

        • Why so angry, PB? Are you feeling guilty? Or do you just not care about any other life than your own?
          Whether vegan or not, why should only humans have the right to a peaceful life? Just look at what defective humankind has done to the world.

        • Then go eat your corpse and get off the internet Timmy. Do you have a grown-up with you, in case you hurt yourself by sticking your trolling hook in your own eye?

    • Papa Bear, meat eaters can show compassion for animals. Think Bill and Lou would be too tough at their ages. Why not go to sanctuary after a life of working, is it so wrong? We may not be part of the school, people like me are not even in the USA, we are part of the world though. With your foul mouth, I think perhaps you are not a papa at all, and certainly not smart enough to be a student! I have a BSc in Biology, what do you have?

    • I hope it reaches others to, though I think most of the students in the “noteable quotes” pic are permanently lost.

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