9 comments on “Another Univ of Texas Employee Fired for Reporting Animal Abuse

  1. http://watchdogblog.dallasnews.com/2012/11/manager-of-ut-southwesterns-animal-research-committee-files-whistleblower-suit-after-alleging-non-compliance.html/

    ^A more accurate report.

    Also – readers should note that the photos posted here do not pertain to this story and were taken from various sources unrelated to this case. They are unrelated and a gross attempt at embellishing the true story (which is undeniably tragic) to evoke an emotional response.

    Animal activists will never gain any ground if they continue to falsely embellish. The cold hard facts of misuse and noncompliance of animal use in research can stand alone. They will evoke an emotional response without extremists adding out-of-context and extremely out-of-date photographs.

    It is a fact that animal research is necessary for medical research — It is also a fact that every citizen has benefited from these research findings. The problem is when these animals are treated unfairly, a violation of many protections currently in place.

    It should be every scientists goal to minimize animal harm. It is the job of the IACUC to ensure that the approval of all animal research takes into consideration:
    – REPLACEMENT of animals
    – REFINEMENT of studies to alleviate or minimize potential pain and maximize the comfort and welfare of the animals
    – Possible REDUCTION in the number of animals necessary to obtain valid scientific data

    To “Empty all Cages” would do more harm than good.
    Please be logical, not irrational.

    A fair treatment of animals activist AND scientific researcher.

    • J- First off a fair treatment of animals means leaving them alone. An analogy I like is how we use anesthesia. Why bother with some operations? They would be successful without it. But now that we have alternatives to releive pain and suffering, its uncivilized and cruel to do otherwise. Same with animal testing. GOING ON THE PAST IS MOOT because no one tried any alternatives and the same results may have been achieved. More importantly about the past is that we NOW have means to end cruelty and its sadistic to not do so.

      As for the pics, that is one main goal I try for in my blog…to show others that you vivisectors mostly lie and marginalize what you do to animals. For example, making your statement here about an animal slowly freezing to death is just sick- you grossly understate the suffering. And the pic for that is understated for how it really happens! I get these pics to show what the crimes you commit may look like.

      I understand why you don’t agree with them- as all vivisectors do, you dislike exposure of the suffering caused by your work. As with the pic of an ovaleryectomy- that’s a true pic. It’s horrific and needs to be shown what was done without kindness to the animal. Yes, research is nescessary for medical advancement, but not on animals.


  2. we can no longer turn away and pretend it isn’t happening. Stop testing on animals, they feel fear and pain just like us.

    • True that. The amazing part is that they commit these heinous crimes on animals and the person standing up for the animals pays the price. No real surprise there, though.

  3. words fail me cnt believe what I was reading, anyone who takes part in any of this needs same done to them, its cruel and evil, am disgusted and sick to mt stomach, poor innocent animals!!!!!!

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