10 comments on “Poachers Massacre 11 Elephants in Worst Ever Kenyan Attack

    • Girl- they have so much more torture to turn to. There’s festivals and celebrations that include slaughter (45 million turkeys), bull fights for stabbing, lobsters to boil alive, animal experiments to catch animals for, circus animals to enslave and abuse and shoot if they rebel, snakes and gators to skin alive, fish to gaff with big hooks, pets to beat, equines to rape, etc. I have NO DOUBT that the people involved with poaching beautiful elephants and rhinos care little or not at all about extinction. I think hunting is a sickness and sadly there will always be people who think its ok. Our whole lives- from jewelery, beauty products and tons of other stuff-are filled with animals’ blood, flesh and skin. I can’t barely sleep at night sometimes. I HATE HUNTERS.

        • Girl- I understand. Sadly, China buys 70% of all poached ivory. I think if they could be convinced to practice their “tradition” of carving on another material it would go along way to help the animals. Wars in Africa are funded with these dollars. Hillary Clinton was looking into the issue because of that- not sure what became of it for her though.

  1. The only thing that can reduce elehant poaching is armed military or police patrols with the best technolgy available, shoot to kill orders, and for governments of counries that allow importation of ivory to eforce the ban and stop the sale or importation of ivory and enforce the policies stringently. Like the sale of illegal drugs it will be difficult to stop, but if those polices are not put into effect immediately, on a global basis, it wil be too late for the elephants. Without strong publc outcry it will not be done. If the penalties are harsh, immediate and enforced then potential poacherw will think twice about getting into the business.

    • Your right about that Vern. Maybe the one thing that may save the elephants and actually motivate their government (they already shoot armed poachers) to shoot on sight , is that many gangs and warlord groups use ivory profits to fuel their fights. I would love that the elephants are saved because they are majestic and beautiful, but whatever works.

  2. My heart is so heavy and I could not believe what my ears were hearing on the radio. These beautiful and intelligent creatures have again been senselessly and brutally murdered; for a few sticks of ivory. The Chinese must make it unlawful to work with real ivory from now forward. The carvers can work in artificial ivory and still demonstrate their skills. These parks and refuges must somehow be monitored, and if it takes drones to do it, so be it. These men must be caught and brought to justice, if they are not, they will surely do this again and set the example for other to follow. We ARE allowing the criminals of the world to run rampant. They are organizing, gaining financial strength and what goes with that, power and influence. The worst scenario, is that they are beginning to network on a global scale. Should we hesitate to do something now, we might not be able to do something later to stop them.

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