20 comments on “VICTORY! Doodle Donkey Is Safe

  1. Thank you for sharing with us Doodle’s good news! And especially thanks to you for drawing up this petition, getting it out there, and succeeding.

    I hope the rest of Doodle’s life is not only healthy and happy and safe, but also fun for her!

    See, people? Petitions CAN work! And so can sharing news — good and bad — with others, and asking them to do the same. Compassion can go a long way… and make a difference, as it clearly has for “our” sweet Doodle.

    • Susie, I think it’s very important to note that there was physical protest as well for Doodle. A successful fight for animals has to include many elements. It’s vital, for every person who’s physically able, to organize or participate in protests as well.

      • Yet if you or i drive a vehicle without a tax disc, we would be prosecuted and criminals for doing so! Far more effort would go into convicting and condeming us for that, than is issued to the perverts and obviously like minded, that they protect……

  2. Definatly something wrong with this scumbags brain ! What sort of a human being does this to an animal , lock him up in a padded cell not normal behaviour at all it’s shocking !!

    • i cannot believe this crap!!! a judge cannot see that these heinous acts are precursors to more acts in the future??? the judge is as f***** up as the vile pervert who did these acts. sick..florida trash!!! florida better get new laws and new judges. i am livid after reading that bas***** admissions of things he did!!!! that sicko is another act away from God only knows what sex crime next! trust me…it’s textbook! shame on florida!!!!

    • No Debbie-they’re still looking for him. You can Google Abby Conder to see current news. She’s the owner who came forward with a video asking for help identifying the guy wandering around in her barn.

  3. I think I’m going to be sick. Just got post on Facebook on this; never heard of Doodle’s story but disgustingly aware generally of bestiality. Had no idea animal rape was so ubiquitous & “not illegal.” Very glad this donkey is safe, but this man is terrifying.

  4. Thank you for this info; I’m glad Doodle is safe but very mad that Romero got off with a slap on the wrist. He will strike again. He needs to be neutered. Was it necessary to show a google map of Doodle’s new home? There are some sick POSs out there who will find it fun to figure it out.

  5. Obrigada por informar. Continuemos lutando pela punição justa e mais severa, para que possamos ter gente melhor na Terra em liberdade. Todos têm direito ao respeito é a dignidade!

  6. Why was the other donkey sold? May Doodle have the best years now free of harm!
    What in this world are these courts thinking to let someone off so easily?

  7. Thankyou for sharing this wonderful news…thanks, too, for making all of us aware and active on Doodle’s behalf. xxx

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