27 comments on “14 Circus Animal Cruelty Facts: MAKE THE CONNECTION

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  2. I have not attended a circus since i was a child. I will never attend another and neither will my kids or grand kids. Such horrible treatment of animals for what? So the monsters who run the circuses can make a buck?? This sort of thing must stop – NOW> I hate circuses and those who work for them.

    • Your right about that Christina. Animal circuses are a perverted sickness that people need to be punished for providing. Even if there wasn’t horrific abuse in EVERY one of them (there is), its slavery. The definition of slavery doesn’t change based on who the slave is- these atrocities need to be removed from our society.

  3. thank you for all the work you have done to end this horrible abuse.i never knew they treated the animals so bad.its horrible and it needs to stop.i will never go to another circus ever again.you are wonderful for supporting those poor animals keep up the good work.

      • I am attending a boycott Cole brother dDeland Florida. If anyone can make it it is 3-15 and 3-16. Tim Frisco is elephant trainer. He is also all over you tube torturing baby Val and her mother.

      • God did not intend the creation for these purposes. We are selfish to do what we do for entertainment…destroy His nature…

        • I agree Laura. we need to abolish ALL slavery from our society. Who the slaves doesn’t change the definition r cruelty.

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  5. thank you for the eye opener! Keep up the good work by bringing animal cruelty awareness to the forefront.

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  7. We are protesting the cruel and horrendous way you treat your circus animals. They should not be kept in cages and paraded around for people’s enjoyment and your bottom line. You do not care as long as you make money. One day there will be no circuses because of people like us

  8. no living being should be in chains. God did not create living being so they have no freedom. we are in 2013, we are not savages anylonger.

  9. Lisa, you are great and always my hero. This work was hard, I know how you feel about animals and collecting so many pictures that break your heart is extremely difficult. I had to close my eyes on some. I do not want to cry, saw enough to be angry. So you made me angry. If I only find now any circus page on Internet, I am going to give them shit, until they block me. This is what I do now to WAZA page, IMATA blocked me.

  10. Thank you for addressing this ongoing issue of URGENCY. Countries are beginning to place bans, but there is much more work to be done to provide relief to so many innocent, sentient beings who are living in deplorable environments without even the most basic of rights. I have been writing about the subject as well. A link to my page on Circus Animal Welfare is below. Many Blessings! ~Gerean Pflug for The Animal Spirits


  11. I pray that everyone who reads this article makes the right choice when the circus come to thier town and that is to NOT go! If you are purchasing tickets to the circus then YOU are part of the cruelty and abuse. If you do decide to go to the circus make sure its for the same reason i go and thats to PROTEST! Ringling Bros is coming to Philidelphia PA on Feb, 13,2013 Meet me and plenty of others thier and help us raise our voices speaking out against the cruelty and abuse hope to see you there! Please remember WE are thier voice!

    • I’ve been an animal rights advocate supporting the protection and the freeing of all animals for more than 30 years. Captivity for all animals must end now! Animals should live freely as God intended and not be exploited for human selfish reasons $$$$! People are just horrible!!!

        • I’ve been an animal advocate for the protection of animals, ending animal cruelty and ending the captivity of animals for more than 30 years! Exploiting animals for human selfishness $$$$ is UNETHICAL, INHUMANE AND ABSOLUTELY CRUEL AND BARBARIC! ALL THIS MUST END AND ANIMALS SHOULD LIVE FREE FROM HARM WITHOUT BORDERS AS GOD INTENDED!!

    • cole brothers circus Deland Florida Airport. Please be there to boycott 3-15 and 3-16. This is serious business and we must educate all

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