5 comments on “UPDATE: The Reckoning for Doodle Donkey’s Rapist Begins

  1. As much as I appreciate and can relate to many of your values Lisa, zealots like you only make me think of the Nazi party back when in Germany. Because of ‘humanity’ and people like you I have become a consummate misanthropist. I applaud your efforts but take issue with your myopic and ‘judgemental’ methods that reek of self-righteous religious fundamentalism and fascism…

    ~”Becoming aware of the intense suffering of billions of animals and of our own participation in that suffering can bring up painful emotions: sorrow and grief for the animals; anger at the injustice and deception of the system; despair at the enormity of the problem; fear that trusted authorities and institutions are, in fact, untrustworthy; and guilt for having contributed to the problem. Bearing witness means choosing to suffer. Indeed, empathy is literally ‘feeling with.’ Choosing to suffer is particularly difficult in a culture that is addicted to comfort — a culture that teaches that pain should be avoided whenever possible and that ignorance is bliss. We can reduce our resistance to witnessing by valuing authenticity over personal pleasure and integration over ignorance.” – Melanie Joy~

  2. First and foremost – he should be castrated without any anisaethic or pain killers. I actually cannot see the positive contribution this man makes to the world so I say let him bleed to death – dreadful rubbish!

  3. Lisa, do not worry. He will end up in jail for
    quite a while. They usually do. They get found with drugs etc….KARMA with some help.

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