4 comments on “Newly Discovered Slow Loris Species Already Threatened

  1. It is just heart wrenching that anyone would hurt these lil guys, roaming the wild and minding their own biz! What a sick an twisted world we live in! They are just adorable and I am sure many, loving and normal people would want to have one for a pet but they have no business living in a cage in someone’s home, they can’t survive! What the hell is wrong with people! I am sick to my stomach! I hope someone rams something into these over powering, morons bodies and steals THEIR tears!! UNACCEPTABLE !! I am glad this blog is here to raise awareness.

  2. I am once again sickened by mankind and how evil we are. I have been fighting for animals all my life and when I continue to read things like this,,, I feel like total failure. Things are NOT getting better for the animals. My only sanity are the animals and other good souls who fight for these innocent souls.

  3. The human species is unbelieveably inhumane. I’m inspired by your post. I will try to write about this subject in the future. When I do, I will link back to your post as my reference. Many Blessings for all that you do to raise public awareness and to influence empathy and compassion among the human species. Thank you most for lending a voice to innocent, sentient, living beings who cannot speak for themselves. ~Gerean Pflug for The Animal Spirits

  4. This is disgusting and heartbreaking! The picture of that little guy having his teeth cut just kills me why is it that the cuter an anmal is the faster it gets exploited this has to stop i dont even have the word right now im so mad and sad great informative article shared on fb and twitter thanks

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