3 comments on “Celebrity Answers the Call to Duty For Cat Victims at UW-Madison

  1. Let Dr Yin, the lead researcher of the lad who tortured these cats, burn in hell! But you, who live in USA, can help other cats in labs! Shannon Keith, animal rights lawyer and activist, created Beagle Freedom Project and helps retired lab animals to find new homes. Previously they all, like Double Trouble, had to be euthanized, but now they have hope! There is Identity Campaign as a part of the Beagle Freedom Project, with a list of 1000 lab animals (cats and dogs) which will be available for adoption after the researches are over. You can change any animal by its ID (there is also species, gender and age) and become its friend. You’ll get all the info about the chosen animal, and a chance to take it home of find new home! I live too far, in Russia, and can’t participate, but maybe some people from USA who read this, will do!

  2. Fantastic article Lisa, ive often wondered why they call animal liberators and all protesters “Terrorist” now i know its to make us look crazy and to discredit us and also to deflect from the real problems! I was so very happy to see that someone as famous as James Cromwell is using his fame as a platform to get an important message out there too many people with this same power that just stay silent and do nothing and as far as im concerned doing nothing and allowing the cruelties to continue is the same as saying its OK or maybe even worse! We all can make a difference with our voices famous or not if enoough of us spoke out and banded together this would all end!

  3. Excellent article. Will link to this post on our facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/The AnimalSpirits

    Thank you for the HUGE investment of time and emotion you put into raising public awareness for the need to take action to protect and lend voice to sentient, living beings who cannot speak for themselves.

    Empty All Cages !!!

    ~Gerean Pflug for The Animal Spirits

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