5 comments on “DIY Vivisection: From the US Government and Backyard Brains

  1. vivisectionists really are repulsive sociopathic scum. you only have to go on a forum of students who are soon to be vivisectionists, who are proud of their ugly, unnatural and repulsive behaviour. they are actually happy about what they do to these animals, all the signs of a sick sadistic scumbag are evident in them. they also enjoy the fact that people who actually have a conscience suffer also as a result of their actions, if they are not stopped they will carry on practicing their sadism ‘legally’, under the guise of legitimate ‘science’. there is nothing logical nor ‘scientific’ about something that fails more than 90% of the time. there are some people who genuinely believe that vivisection somehow benifits others and the world, but they often leave the job once they find out what vivisection is REALLY all about. this hurts everyone.

    • Wow Alafair- I didn’t know all that. As a vegan I don’t eat honey, of course, because its stollen. But I didn’t know they were also denetically manipulated….raped.

  2. This is just monsterous i cant see putting any animal insect threw these types of disgusting experiments or any experiments on a whim or otherwise this spells disaster to me not only in the insects suffering but in my opinion this is just the begining od them trying to figure out how to maybe have mind and body control over people who can say for sure but it gives me the creeps i tweeted and shared this on Fb so others can see the lunacy

  3. This is unbearably sickening. The only hope we have for a life of peace is through a massive human spiritual awakening rooted in empathy and compassion for ALL living beings. This is what I pray for, what I work for and what I hope for. Those who inflict suffering on sentient, living beings not only have blood stains on their hands, but eternally on their souls.

    Blessings on those who from a place of empathy and compassion, take action to protect, defend and lend voice to innocent, sentient, living beings who cannot speak for themselves.

    NOTE: I state and will continue to state the above paragraph repeatedly until I take my last earthly breath.

    Many Blessings for your tireless efforts to raise public awareness and influence the hearts and souls of the human species.

    ~Gerean Pflug for The Animal Spirits

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