16 comments on “Top Ten Most Outrageous Animal “Research” Experiments for 2012

  1. All of these tests are absolutely terrible and disgusting. It is so disturbing, why would you want to do this to animals? Despicable, broke my heart, every single one.

    • Yes they are VERY disturbing. This goes on in 99% of the universities in our country. Students in high school and college have a right to refuse to dissect any animal in biology class and the teacher HAS to give you an alternative. It’s the law. Now doing this won’t instantly free lab animals, but it will send a clear, peaceful message that students refuse to be forced to contribute to cruelty. If people refuse to contribute to cruelty (zoos, seaworld, meat, circus, dissection, etc) then others can’t make their profit so they will stop using animals 🙂

  2. uhhh….vivisection is already practiced on HUMAN *babies* it’s called ABORTION. You idiots make me sick. Each and every one of you would work yourself to death to protect every mangy weasel and clump of stink weed, but will scream and squall to slaughter human babies.

    • Really? Where does it say that? For me, I can chew gum and walk- I can stand for animals and humans, and do. Equally absurd is that you think compassionate people would exclude any species. I mention this because its apparent you are not that kind of person.

  3. Look at the womans face in #8. Look how calmly she injects them with whatever horrible drug that is. And these.. “People” have the guts to call themselves human. Bull. Crap.

  4. I have one (1) word for these animal torturers….they are all INSANE!!!! No sane person would ever think of abusing/ torturing these defneseless sentient beings…….. These villians are from a ‘different’ world than I live in…. May all these animal torturers rot in hell!! My heart breaks for all these precious victims of abuse…..

  5. This article has truly broken my heart and has opened my eyes even more to the cruelty and uselessness of vivisection ive always been against it and have spoken out against it and advicated an end to vivisection ive also attended protests to stop vivisection and just when i think ive heard it all i read something even more disturbing! It only strengthens my resolve to stop vivisection and to speak out against it!

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