4 comments on “VICTORY! (sort of) Circuses in England Banned From Using Wild Animals

  1. Woooooow , this is the best news I have heard in ages… CONGRATULATIONS UK!!!!! Hope the rest of the world will do the same taking example from YOU XXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. This is the best news ive heard in two years!! Im so happy when i first heard i was in tears, i am concerned however that they can still use horses and dogs but i will take what i can get and if they start using horses and dogs then i will fight for them as well until NO animals are used in entertainment zoos aquariums and circuses i will fight! Im also embarressed that the US still isnt doing anything its shameful

    • The best part of this victory is that its setting the tone for the best language for similar laws to follow. They define wild animals as any animal that isn’t normally domesticated in the country. Ringling will fight this because they have sunk millions into their “consevation” prison camp just so they could say they don’t use wild animals anymore- and the public will think that’s so good.

  3. Wonderful news but sad that horses and dogs still allowed. Circus de Soleil is by far the best circus in the world and they don’t use any animals!!! Still this is a major step forward!

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