13 comments on “Exposing UF Primate Testing Records: 5C126- Brutalized From Birth in a Concentration Camp, THEN Sold To The University of Florida Torture Chambers.

  1. please stop testing on animals. They are supposed to be in the nature. If you want to test, test on humain criminel in hight security facility. Pedophile, serial killer, etc. Those who don’t deserve to live. Animals they have no defence. Do You think it’s fare ? It’s simple: don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you!

  2. f****ing sickos! i know your trying to test this to find out that. but this is not the way animals have feelings too. you must not have a heart at all to do this testing to animals!! if i had my choice i would do things my way!

  3. There HAS to be some kind of gross negligence in this atrocity that little 5C126 suffered and died for. If the guys were reported for not eating the dox for almost the whole 1.5 yrs, how can the experiment be accurate? Back to the culture of corruption- they don’t document whole chunks of time, they use meds that have side effects of “psuedo parkinsonism”, animals fight so new antibiotics have to be introduced (interfere with the dox?), their forms are blank specifically in the areas of the 3 Rs, and, where it says “per federal regulations…” , they blatantly state that they are doing this just to get to the next grant, etc. HAS to be something illegal here. Thought the real crime is the continued barbaric experiments on the innocent.

    Jacksonville FL protest:

    Gainesville, FL protest

  4. How horrible and Michael J. Fox is already sick. So they can do the testng on him! Leave those poor animals alone. Set them free for they are not humans and they suffer a lifetime for the mistakes and sickness of humans. While there are so many humans, enough to apply for a test. It is heartbreaking to see this monkey suffer!

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  6. We need to expose this inhumane torture of these poor monkeys that are so human like. Find out who they get their funding from and expose the truth in this unnecessary and inhumane, barbaric testing. This must stop now.

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