2 comments on “Patagonia’s ‘Sustainable Wool’ Supplier Exposed: Lambs Skinned Alive

  1. Every time pos abusers do horrific acts towards INNOCENT animals, why is their faces always blurred or covered up? But yet, the gruesome videos and images of animals being tortured, burned and skinned ALIVE is seen clearly. These HUMAN GARBAGE POS men need to be shown in public view and their punishment should be DEATH! ANIMALS ARE INNOCENT ALWAYS!!!

    • Raj- you’re right about that. It’s because of SPECIESISM- the belief that one species of live is lesser than others. It’s why torture, captivity and slavery of animals is legal. I think their faces should be shown! Excellent group you may interested in Is the Non-Human Rights Project- they fight for animals in court to get the recognized as individuals with rights!


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