13 comments on “BREAKING NEWS: Tortured Elephants in Secret Prison Camp…. And It’s a Temple

  1. So many of her ‘facts’ are outright lies. She has been outed by not only the photographer who accompanied her on this trip but also a well respected reporter who has spent over a year documenting the plight of the temple elephants in India. Here are two links that tell the truth both good and bad about the plight of the temple elephants Liz Jones lied about.



    Did no one ever stop to think that being chained to the exact same spot for so many years would mean death in a very short amount of time to an animal that needs to be able to move to survive?

    Here is the link to Kalyan Varma’s stunning 6 part expose of the plight of Indian elephants. Kalyan tells the truth both good (not much of it) and bad. I trust him far more than a reporter from the UK who has written lies that have already been proved to be lies.


    I spend much of my online time trying to help elephants and am well aware of all the horrendous situations humans force on them. But lying about those situations will do them no good at all, in the end the lies could prevent them being helped in the future.

  2. wildlifesos has started a petition on this. on Facebook……so what are you doing…you were there…..you need an army with guns and take over …..signing a petition is all well and fine but that is not doing something NOW……RELEASE THE ELEPHANTS FROM THEIR TORTURE CHAMBERS………BRING TRUCKS OF FOOD …WHATEVER…….JUST SHOWING US THESE PICTURES??????? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE BESIDES EXPOSE IT………..TAKE OVER AND PUT THOSE MAHOUTS IN CHAINS….OR GET A VET THERE AND HUMANELY EUTHANIZE THOSE POOR ELEPHANTS………….I DON’T GIVE MONEY WHEN NOTHING IS BEING DONE….

  3. The methods shown in this article, used to train elephants are cruel and evil. They are shameless and certainly give India a terrible image worldwide. I will make sure to spread this information long and wide, until this place closes forever and the people in charge and prosecuted according to the local laws on animal cruelty charges.
    Mariana Aguirre

  4. Liz Jones please do not associate this Hinduism. There is nothing in Hinduism which says to abuse animals. Hinduism preaches vegetarianism and non violence.
    Btw, elephants are taken well care of by Hindu temples since elephants are sacred for us.
    Why don’t write about thousands of tigers and wolves in India by your white British ancestors?
    There were 1,00,000 tigers during the 19 th century in India. While today hardly few thousands are left because of the barbaric practice by the British troopers.
    Should we say that Christians are paedophiles?
    Please do not generalise,we Hindus are against animal cruelty and hence we don’t even eat cow meat.

    • Good point. But most peoples who believe in a god (every country) believe its ok to kill- animals especially. ESPECIALLY HINDUISM. Have you not heard of the Godhimai Festival where hundreds of THOUSANDS of animals are slaughtered EVERY 5 YEARS in the name of the goddess Godhimai?? In my opinion, its not a stretch to associate the treatment of these elephants with the teachings of Hinduism. http://www.theplaidzebra.com/gadhimai-festival-is-a-bloody-sacrificial-ritual/

      I truly understand what you’re saying- the KKK says they are Christian, and the 911 bombers say they are Muslim and Republicans say they follow Jesus’ teachings. Maybe we don’t know all about your religion, but the place for you to start complaining is with those claiming to be Hindu..AND STAND UP FOR THE ANIMALS EACH TIME THEY MURDER SOMEONE.

      PS- Vegetarianism hurts animals.

  5. Oh how absolutely horrid this is and………………again a religion involved, this time the “supposedly” Hindu religion! To see this is just heartbreaking especially as I can’t see it ever stopping. I wish I had the money to hep here but I don’t so I feel as if I have let these beautiful, sensitive, gentle giants down. Sooo heartbroken about this. To all the Indians who in any way support this torture – remember – something absolutely terrible will haven in your life and when it does – remember the elephants and how you played a part in their torture!!!

    • We are looking for ANY information or updates on these elephants. If you see a NEW article or hear of another groups helping them, please comment a link.

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