13 comments on “Stop Horse Carriages From Coming To Fort Myers

  1. When i see animals this way ,suffering so badly under the hands of pathetic humans.It breaks my heart.This has got to end,now!!

  2. What a terrible thing to do to your city and to horses not to mention a formula for some dreadful consequences. I urge you to rethink this egregious decision.

  3. No one should have to suffer because people want to make a buck. Carriage rides do not better the world and there is no purpose for them besides assument. The horse has to breathe in so much exhaust. Doesn’t get fed well enough and works long hours… The whole experience is bad for the horses body. He is being used to carry loads all day long. Life expectancy is minimal. The poor girl or guy is just being broken down day after day. All again to make money for someone who doesn’t want to actually work. Lets save the beautiful creatures from slow torture. Let them be happy in a field running, eating fresh grass and fruits. Let them create their own lives.

  4. William Wilberforce MP, more famous as the Abolitionist who helped bring about an end to the Slave Trade, campaigned all his political life against the suffering of horses and ponies used to draw carriages. Shame on you to even think of shaming your great city by taking this ugly, backward step to aboniesWhen I was on pilgrimage to Rome, Italy, I was threatened, abused and almost attacked by a thug who was the owner/driver of one such carriage when I attempted to give water to a very distressed pony which I had observed standing in direct sunlight and 85c heat for hours. Do you wish to encourage this kind of altercation and disharmony on your streets. Our roads are poisonous with carbon dioxide fumes. They are NOT places that shouls be shared by sentient, defenceless animals. Please do not grant permission for this archaic money grubbing plan.

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