But you can still find lots of information:
Science Articles,  University of Florida lab photos, and The Truth about:  Dolphins, Horses, etc.

The mission of Empty All Cages is to bring the truth about the animal holocaust to non-believers, students who don’t know what happens in their own schools, people who think animals were only used and abused in the “old days” and those who don’t have time to think about animals. Animals have the right to be left alone and not be used for human purposes in any way. Working for animal “welfare” instead of freedom is not an option this site explores as all animals should be free. Most people are unaware of the animal holocaust happening right now.

Most people are actually perpetuating many atrocities and therefore compliant in the pain and suffering of innocents.

Animal research is pure torture and first degree mass murder. There are millions of animals killed every year and NEVER have their numbers decrease at anytime in history. The areas of Ophthamology (eyes) and Toxicology (drug testing) are two of many areas that have non-animal alternatives available right now. Most universities CHOSE animal experimentation- for what sadistic reason we cannot know. Animal testing is fraudulent science because you cannot effectively extrapolate cause and effect across spiecies. That’s why millions of people die from FDA approved drugs.  Don’t you think millions of sick people would willingly volunteer to help in real experiments to help themselves and others?


Every year, millions of innocent lives are taken for fun, fashion, human appetites, and even more for the sake of fraudulent “science” experiments. The victims of these countless murders have unmarked graves in the stomachs, closets, and kitchens of human beings who are too heartless or too ignorant to see that all creatures, human or non-human, are deserving of a painless, peaceful life on the planet. Empty All Cages was created in order to reach out to the people of the world to inform them about the horrible, painful lives of the millions of creatures with whom we share this planet.

Anyone who eats, wears or uses something made from animals is compliant in an innocent being screaming in pain or begging for its life and those of its children- as shown in the movie Earthlings. Becoming vegan is something you can do today to help stop the animal holocaust. Vegans are people with a world view of compassion. We are willing to dedicate their time, passion, anger and love to stop the pain and suffering of innocent beings.  We consider it to be the only way to live in a civil and ethical society.

There are many daunting social issues we are faced with in the world, some of which we may feel powerless over. Fortunately, making vegan choices allows us to begin tackling complex problems such as animal suffering, environmental degradation, poor personal health, and global poverty. A vegan diet includes no meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, or honey. A vegan lifestyle spares even more animals by choosing animal-free alternatives to fur and leather, avoiding forms of “entertainment” that exploit animals, and choosing cruelty free cosmetics and household products. By removing animal exploitation from your diet and lifestyle, you are taking a huge step towards creating a better world and removing yourself from being at fault for helping to perpetuate the animal holocaust.

How can you start to change? First and foremost become vegan.
Don’t cages birds or fish. Horses, caribou (reindeer), oxen, and all other animals who serve us were either forced into acceptance or bred not to know any better. Saying that’s ok is like saying women who don’t know about their rights are treated ok in other countries! No circuses, zoos or aquariums respect animals on any level- don’t go! Breeding is wrong because a mother’s children are taken and sold- several times over in her lifetime. How many times have you had puppies or kittens in your home and said, “Oh she will only look for them for about a week when they’re gone.” Or, “we got them good homes.” Those of us who have done this should be deeply ashamed. You have looked in the eyes of your pet and felt their love- you know they have feelings just like we do!

What You Can Do

-Organize a protest at a school or university….we can help!

-Tell the college or university from which you graduated that you won’t donate to the alumni fund as long as they continue to use animals in research or in their science education programs

– Become vegan. If people stop using, wearing and eating animal, others stop killing animals for profit. Period.
Get your free vegan starter kit

-Buy only cruelty-free cosmetics and household products. Many are found in dollar stores!

-Be aware of non-animal alternatives because most researchers will lie saying there aren’t any for what they do.



5 comments on “ABOUT

  1. call me. you are the only serious person i have met among thousands of meaningless vegans. serious with brain. i have support for you and people you organize

  2. Keep up the great work Lisa!

    Sharing so others have the opportunity to educate both themselves as well as others!

    Until all cages are empty!

    HyEna Howln

  3. Bless you for your actions to raise public awareness on behalf of the animals, who cannot speak for themselves. I am doing the same. Will keep your posts on my radar. Following. ~Gerean Pflug, The Animal Spirits

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