European Union Bans all Cosmetic Testing by 2013
Source: BUAV

BUAV: Campaigners celebrate the coming into force of the European Union ban on cosmetic testing on animals
Tuesday, 10, Mar 2009 12:00


Wednesday 11th March marks the banning of cosmetics testing on animals within the European Union, potentially saving thousands of animals from appalling suffering every year. For nearly two decades, the BUAV, leading sister organizations in the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE), has spearheaded the campaign across Europe to achieve this important ban. The 7th amendment to the Cosmetics Directive means that from 11 March 2009 it becomes illegal to:

test cosmetic ingredients on animals anywhere in the EU, irrespective of whether there is a non-animal alternative method available (testing on the products themselves is already banned)

sell or import into the EU cosmetics ingredients or products where they have been animal-tested after 11 March 2009, with the exception of certain types of test which have an extended deadline until 11 March 2013

Michelle Thew, Chief Executive of the BUAV said “This is an historic occasion and a significant step forward for animals in laboratories. The BUAV has campaigned for nearly two decades to achieve this important ban across the European Union. We are delighted that it has finally come into force. We will now continue our global campaign to seek an end to the appalling suffering inflicted on animals in the name of beauty worldwide.”

Despite the ban, large numbers of cosmetic products available in high street stores will still contain ingredients that have previously been tested on animals. The BUAV’s Humane Cosmetics Standard, symbolized by the leaping bunny logo, remains the only way for consumers to know that their products are cruelty free. The BUAV also continues to work internationally on this campaign with colleagues in the US Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics, to ensure that the Leaping Bunny remains the global standard for cruelty-free cosmetics across Europe, the US and Canada.

Mike Barry, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Marks and Spencer said “We are delighted to be able to mark this occasion with the BUAV. As a member of both the BUAV’s Humane Cosmetics and Humane Household Products Standards , consumers can be reassured that none of the ingredients in our cosmetics or household products have been tested on animals.”

Although animal testing for cosmetics has effectively been banned in the UK for some years, it still remains perfectly legal to test household products and their ingredients on animals. Following the cross party support of 219 MPs, the BUAV is currently campaigning for an end to this cruel and unnecessary practice too.

For further information, please contact Carla Owen on +44 (0)207 619 6965 or or BUAV (out of hours) +44 (0)7850 510 955.  For more information on the strict auditing process and a list of approved companies visit Go Cruelty Free


Six Reasons why Animal Testing Doesn’t Work

  • Human and animal testing agree only 5-25% of the time, according to Huntingdon Life Sciences
  • 88% of stillbirths are due to drugs posed to be safe in animal testing
  • According to World Health Organization out of 200,000 released mediations only 240 are labeled as essential
  • Corneal transplants were delayed for 90 years and blood transfusions were delayed 200 years due to animal studies
  • Animal experiments can be replaced by at least 450 methods known at this time
  • Less then 2% of human illnesses or 1.16% are ever seen in animalsMost of the animals that are used in testing are bred just for testing, but many others come from the pound. Mice, rabbits, dogs, guinea pigs, cats and monkey’s are the most commonly used animals for tests. It has been proven that there is already enough existing safety data, as well as in vitro (test tube) alternatives to make animal testing for cosmetics and household products even more unnecessary and unethical. By just listing the names of the tests I will be able to give you a better idea of what these poor animals go through. Whole Body, Short-term Toxicity, Skin Penetration, Skin Irritancy, Eye irritancy, Skin Sensitization, Phototoxicity & Photosensitisation, Mutagenicity, Carcinogenicity, Reproductive Toxicity, Teratogenicity and Finished Product Testing are all common tests performed on animals.

4 comments on “VICTORIES

    • The question is, testing on who. SO many drugs fail, kill and maim humans because they weren’t properly tested on humans. Most important- we do not have the right to torture, poison, electrocute, or hold animals captive for any self centered reason. Period. It’s sick and MORALLY WRONG. You know what the worst thing is? Those psychopath things I just listed are done ONLY to save or make money by taking advantage of someone who’s weaker than us. Often times taking them as children. THERE ARE OTHER WAYS!!!!!!! That’s what makes animal testing such a horrific and shameful thing humans do. Example: Plenty of procedures were done in the past with no anesthesia before we had it. Why not keep doing things without it? Because, its considered cruel and wrong to so when we can do it without causing pain and suffering. It’s time to stop animal testing. Here’s an article that’s not even recent on alternatives so more is out there! The “scientific” community who tests on animals LIE that it has to be done….
      -Good article here on alts:
      -Excellent Website that stays current on alts:
      -Foundation dedicated to funding alts

    • Yes I would. Filling dogs with gas and poison has nothing to do with safe drugs. I have a friend who works for a hospital where drugs in small does are tested on volunteers. She enjoys the work .Animal tested drugs are innaccurate but just the easy way out for million dollar drug companies to use helpless dogs and animals as fodder. It is outrageous ,archaic and must be stopped. It is also important to remember that all drugs react differently on every person so testing on animals is a complete and tragic waste of time. The Netherlands are now introducing legislation to ban all research and testing using animals. At last countries starting to act with forward thinking.

  1. The people doing the testing have to be mentally insane!!! No decent human being could do this to an innocent baby and be sane. They need to be treated the same way to realize how much pain these animals feel. I despise these physco’s and pray I never meet them OR God help me I will do somethings they will regret!!!!

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