Auckland University

Anti-vivisection protest at Auckland University marks World Lab Animal Day

Source: IndiMedia

   Auckland Animal Action held animal abusers to account in its last week of actions. Throughout World Lab Animal week protests were held to highlight animal testing carried out by GlaxoSmithKline and Auckland University. The protests were carried out for the quarter of a million animals killed every year in New Zealand in animal testing.

On Saturday starting at 9am a picket was held outside of one of the directors of GlaxoSmithKline. Protesters held placards and banners and leafleted morning joggers as well as all the local shops and cafes. Almost everyone we talked to was supportive and shocked when they heard about the testing carried out on behalf of GSK. This protest is part of an international campaign to shut down Huntington Life Sciences a British animal testing lab which does work for GSK. One protester was arrested for taking a photo of someone knocking on the directors door.

On Monday a protest was held outside the downtown offices of GlaxoSmithKline. For two and a half hours we leafleted everyone going in and out of the company and held placards showing the kind of abuse GSK is responsible for.

Today about 20 people participated in a banner drop and information picket outside the Auckland University Medical Health department to highlight ongoing vivisection practices.

Two protesters scaled on top of the Medical Science building and held a banner titled “Torturing animals, It’s not science”. The banner was displayed for over an hour until the police came and arrested them.

The action called attention to the fact that 95% of animal based research in Aotearoa is aimed at increasing the profits of the meat and dairy industries as well as the Universities participation in this.

A significant number of medical students came out to witness the spectacle and a number were sympathetic with the cause. Many agreed that profit based research on animals was wrong and not something for the University to participate in.

Despite AAA wrapping up protests will continue for the animals which suffer and die behind closed doors in New Zealand labs.

See you in the streets!


28 comments on “Auckland University

  1. I am so very sorry, there are no words to describe it. The closet way would be to say that if your mother gave you a lovely vase and she died and someone broke it, you would want to turn the clock back to before the vase got broken. Your heart breaks for what can’t be un done.

  2. Congratulations for realizing and evolving ! It is something we must all do and it is an ongoing process.. A friend of mine says: kindness and empathy are a matter of self esteem. You cultivate empathy and become kinder because we want to become better.. Keep it up !

  3. To recognize your errors and do nothing is cowardly. To recognize your errors and change those ways is indeed very heroic…. thanks for admitting and changing your ways, the animals and I thank you!

  4. I am sure you live with this guilt every day! It is hard for me to understand how you could of done this, but at least now you are trying to make up for the harm and cruelty you did to these animals. It is wonderful that you have changed. Good luck to you.

    • Vicky I had no hand in actually doing anything cruel to these animals, my job as an assistant, was to collect hay, clean bottles, and cages, collect and clean linnen, and run around with blood samples that had been taken. I should have said, that while working there I was no better than the actual lab technicians, just because I had no hands on with the actual animals themselves, does not excuse me from being as guilty. I have reaped karma and I know I have, I dont blame you for never understanding why, I dont either, it was a job I remember my mother got for me, because my father got tired of me never having a job. I didn’t know any different, I can’t explain myself and I have no excuses, I should have known even at 22 years of age I should have known. I understand and I take what you say to me, with grace and honour in that I deserve what I have said to me. For 35 years I have worn the nightmare of my actions in knowing I should not have worked there. I am sorry for 35 years it has eaten me up. Thankyou Vicki for being honest and saying how you feel.

  5. 35 years ago I worked here as a lab assistant in the animal labs. I am now and have been for many years an advocate for animals, and it has turned my life around. Judge me, yes and I have reaped karma. I now know that all living beings are sentient, and all these years as I have grown old, have learned much wisdom from animals. I cannot turn back time, but I have done so in my life since working here. I have asked for forgiveness and written short stories about animals I have had extrodinary experiences with since living in Australia. I am sorry truly sorry, and I have lived with this for years.

    • Greta, I feel for you…most ARAs do.Many of us are doing as you are, making up for something. Sometimes its worse than eating animals. For me, I studied Zoology and Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville, FL. at age 16. In their teaching zoo. Like you, I did bad things I’m responsible for. I do know how it feels to be so sorry for something you can never change, something that affected an innocent animal. I think with faith in something bigger than ourselves and making animals’ voices heard for the rest of our lives, we’re doing the best we can.

      • emptyallcages over the past 30 odd years I have come to learn what it truly means in this life to know we do have a duty, one to the voiceless, to be their protectors, and help them, and in return they give us wisdom to learn about ourselves, this is what happened to me, Animals began teaching me and its then that I finally realised it was my God given duty as a human being to honour and protect them. I have saved many animals from death, yet it never felt as if I was doing enough.

    • You are right Greta, you can’t turn back time…I know I wish I could often. That you are someone who loves and helps animals NOW is what’s important. I have a brother who, to this day, rues that he threw flies into spider webs and watched fascinated. It sounds silly to most people that it bothers him 30 years later–it evokes a feeling of gratitude in me to know that any/everyone can change. You are a shining example of that, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. xxx

    • It’s OK Greta! None of us are Perfect! We all Fall short of GOD’s Glory everyday! Doing what you are doing now, writing short stories about animals is giving you a chance to make peace with your past! We all have skeletons in our closets! And have done things in our past that we are not proud of and are ashamed of! But now since you have been a advocate for animals you are cleansing your soul and making your peace with GOD!!! God Bless You for all you are doing for the animals!!! We can tgo back and change the past! All we can DO is learn from it and do better and leave a profound mark upon Life and the World we live in!

      • Yes Jonny I am doing the best I truly can now that I have seen the true plight of animals at the hands of humans, I want to be a part of the change it will bring as long as we keep fighting the good fight for the voiceless. I have asked God many time to fogive me and I wanted to one day meet all the animals that were there when I worked right where you are standing back in 1976. To meet them at the Rainbow Bridge.

      • I have a lonely chair out in my backyard, this is where I watch the animals, birds lizards, of all kinds, and I can now see myself in them, the better me, I am almost there i forgiving myself, but I will never forget what I witnessed inside and down the stairs to the left in the basement of the Animal Laboratory. May God know my ignorance of those days gone by and he the creator of all life I owe my love to do continue to do my duty as an upright human being. Thankyou Jonny bless you!

    • I once shot a small bird with a BB gun. The corpse in my hand haunts me to this day. I said “sorry, bird” but he couldn’t hear me anymore. My religion says if you are truly sorry, then you are truly forgiven. Once you awake, you won’t be held accountable for mistakes made in times of sleep.
      I know the bird has forgiven me.
      Rejoyce that you are awake, Greta. Your slate is clean.

      • Carlos, no offense intended but more is owed beyond an apology, especially when there’s so much that needs to be done. Gret’s slate is clean because she has given back, given of her heart. I hope you decide to take an animal cause…maybe anti-hunting groups and signing petitions.

      • Carlos I feel forgiven and I also feel sad still in my heart I carry part of those days with me, I will not forget them ever. Namaste Carlos you are a courages man

        • I was 12 yrs old at the time. I am 52 now. I think the bird forgave me. That was the point of my comment. I have become an animal advocate, I sign many petitions a day (and have created a few) to give animals a voice. Not because I feel guilty. But because I’ve grown conscious. Of the pain and misery of the Voiceless. I KNOW the bird forgave me. FUCK YOU, Miranda – who the FUCK are you to judge me? Give the voiceless a voice but don’t make them out to be evil creeps like yourself!

    • Gretta welcome to the world of animal rights. In my day if you were born with the knowledge (a gift from God) animals were our brother and sisters,, even my parents thought I had mental problems. Some of our greatest activists once did not know the truth. I truly admire Jerry Vlasak MD. Again, we are very happy to have you on the animals side.

      • Its funny Kathy but I truly thought I was the only reformed oldie, apart from the odd slaughterman who had changed and grown empathy. I feel relieved, yet somewhere I still have it nagging at me, silly as this sounds, but somedays I wish I could actually meet and angel, and ask them face to face, if I am a good person. I feel I have been forgiven, and I guess I have to go on that. But i will not forget the animals I once worked alongside, knowing I could have done something to stop it. Yes I must move on, and keep fighting for my equals, who have no voice, so they can have a voice. We are their soldiers and I am proud to be along side such a lovely group of human beings. Namaste and bless you xx

        • Gypsy you MUST forgive yourself in order to move on you can never change the past but you can do your best to make up for it and i can read in your posts that you are making up for it please dont hold on to bad memories they will only make it worse youre a good person now or you wouldnt be here and being a good person now is all that matters forgive yourself friend its so freeing and you deserve freedom from your bad memories & mistakes of the past

      • Kathy its an odd feeling too I would go home to my pets, I just can’t believe I was that person back then, its as if Ive died and come back as someone else , a better version of what I should have been like in the first place.

        • have you gone public and told the world what you witnessed ?Only then will you have redeemed yourself .Get angry at what you witnessed,and resolve to do all you can to let the world know what goes on behind closed doors!!

    • Greta J We ALL Have done things in our lives that we are regretful for some just a little bad some worse we cant change those things we’ve done yesterday but we can , As you have make a change and a difference today You do NOT deserve judgement Greta you deserve a HUGE HUG for seeing what was wrong and then changing it ! Making mistakes no matter how bad is OK as long as youve learned from them and Greta youve more than learned my friend its time to forgive yourself! It hurts me to think of you being sad over something youve done so long ago you are NOT a bad person i can feel your heart in your writing You made a change and you advocate for animals and you can actually educate others about places like that far more than another who hasnt seen it such as you are and as far as im concerned it exonerates you! You are actually a better person for your mistake so please dont be hard on yourself!

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