Columbia University


   An investigation has revealed grotesque abuses to animals in laboratories at Columbia University, including subjecting baboons to invasive surgeries and leaving them to suffer and die in their cages without any painkillers. This horrific story came to our attention when a courageous whistleblower, Dr. Catherine Dell’Orto, a postdoctoral veterinary fellow at Columbia, stepped forward to tell us what she had witnessed.

While investigators from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the university’s own internal investigation have concluded that Columbia failed to provide even basic post-surgical care, adequate veterinary care, and euthanasia to animals used in experiments, the torture continues. PETA is calling on Columbia to end the following three crude and cruel experiments, which have no practical value:

• Strokes artificially induced in baboons by removing their left eyeballs to reach and clamp a critical blood vessel to their brains and administer experimental drugs. Animal records reveal baboons hunched over in their cages, unable to drink, chew, or lift their heads, and left without veterinary care.

• Monkeys with metal pipes surgically implanted in their skulls for the sole purpose of inducing stress in order to study the connection between stress and women’s menstrual cycles. One monkey, left alone to recover from the hideous implant surgery, was photographed with blood running down her face long after she had come out of anesthesia. The animals were given nothing but an aspirin after the anesthetics wore off.

• Twenty years of pumping nicotine and morphine into pregnant baboons who are strapped into backpacks full of instrumentation and tethered inside their metal cages. Their babies undergo surgery while still in utero. One baboon lost 40 percent of her body weight, and her severe bone infection was left untreated. Another baboon endured five surgeries—all approved by Columbia’s ineffectual Animal Care and Use Committee.

Take a few minutes to review this Web site and you will understand what the animals at Columbia face every day. Then, please take a few more minutes to find out what you can do to help end these crude, painful, traumatic, and wasteful experiments.



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