Princeton University

Princeton University: Ivy League Animal Abuse, Torture and Neglect


   A pattern of deliberate, excessive water restriction in primates, among other severe violations, makes Princeton University one of the worst Animal Welfare Act offenders of the Ivy League. Starting in 2010, APHIS inspectors noticed that primates held at Princeton facilities were systematically receiving less water than the very minimum required by the Animal Welfare Act, which, as noted by one inspector, “could be expected to result in more than momentary distress.” In 2011, APHIS investigators saw the same violations; primates at Princeton were routinely forced to go more than 24 hours without water.

In addition to this illegal degree of negligence, Princeton laboratory personnel failed to notify the veterinarian in 2010 when a primate exhibited clinical signs of pain after surgery, including lack of interest in food and noticeable agitation. When a pregnant marmoset was in distress and ready to give birth in 2011, she was not provided veterinary medical care. Aside from the many animal-related violations, Princeton was cited repeatedly for incomplete and inconsistent recordkeeping. Other violations included the presence of multiple expired medications and the poor condition of primates’ research environments.

The following is a partial chronology of documented cruelty, abuse and negligence toward animals at Princeton University, including more elaborate reports of the above incidents:

June 2011– Princeton University was issued an Official Warning by the USDA for multiple violations of the AWA. It should be noted that Official Warnings from the USDA are considered very serious and very rarely issued – generally only to severe, repeat or otherwise conspicuous violators.

April 2011– As indicated above, Princeton University was cited by the USDA for inadequate veterinary care in the case of a pregnant marmoset, who was crouching in her nest box, behaving lethargically and almost completely unable to move. The posture and behavior of this animal should have indicated to researchers that she was in pain, distress or some combination of both. Nonetheless, it was determined by USDA inspectors that absolutely nothing was done to help this animal. USDA inspectors noted that there was no documentation of any veterrinary care or any other form of care given to this animal, . and that the attending veterinarian was never even notified by researchers about this animal’s condition.

April 2011– Princeton University was cited for dismissing Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) protocols regarding provision of water for primates used in Princeton laboratories. Princeton University was found by the USDA to have deprived primates of water for periods of 24 hours or longer, though IACUC regulations specifically require researchers make water available to these animals twice daily, for atleast an hour during each of these two periods. By every indication, Princeton “researchers” have absolutely no interest in the health and/or well being of the animals at their mercy, any more than they care about regulations governing the treatment of those animals involuntarily confined and tortured in Princeton laboratories. It seems as though all the “researchers” at Princeton Univesity care about is the Government funding, to the tune of $40 million a year, that they receive to conduct the painful, pointless experiments they inflict on these animals day after day, month after month and year after year.

Feb 2011 – Princeton University was cited by the USDA for administering anesthetics to primates which were NOT authorized in Princeton’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) protocol for the experiment that was taking place, begging the question: how can a prestigious “Ivy League” University be repeatedly found guilty, as Princeton has, of such gross, rudimentary, high-school level blunders in doing basic empirical research? What justification could there be for administering Drug A to an innocent animal, when the protocol for their questionable “science” unequivocally called for Drug B? Should federal tax dollars be funding such horrible, embarrassing mistakes, especially when animals are completely denied any semblance of a natural life, driven mad with confinement, physically tortured and quite often deliberately killed because of it?

Jun 2010 In an experiment conducted during this same period, investigators were cited for falling short of the USDA requirement to provide documentary assurance that a given study’s proposed activities do not unnecessarily duplicate previous experiments –and why would they admit they were doing such a thing unless called out for it? This institution takes in millions in Federal Tax money every single year to conduct their dubious “research” which is a fancy way of saying: animal torture for money.

Jun 2010 Princeton University was cited for violating a USDA regulation prohibiting the use of an experimental monkey in more than one “life-or-death” surgical procedure across the animal’s lifetime. Here, Princeton was cited for the surgical placement of a 2nd recording chamber onto a primate’s skull, though a 1st recording chamber had already been placed in a horrific surgery involving drilling holes into the animals skull and fastening these devices in a way the animal can’t touch, tamper with or remove them. The deeper we delve into Princeton University’s sordid chronology of animal abuse, the more clear the facts become: animals are illegally tortured by the “unquestionable” vivisectors at this “Ivy league” institution, and your federal tax money pays for them to drench their lab coats in the blood of intelligent, sensitive animals whose screams of agony go unheard, and who have as much an interest in their own lives as any of our family dogs and cats do, as much as we ourselves do.

Despite Princeton University’s long and well-documented history of gross, unforgivably inept violations of Federal Law (the Animal Welfare Act) , animal researchers at Princeton continue to receive nearly $40 million in National Institute of Health (NIH) federal research funding each and every year.

Outraged? In disbelief? Together we can bring Princeton University’s animal research program to a moratorium. Find Get Active on the Home Page to learn how you can get involved locally, and whether you are able to or not, you CAN do your part by contacting the President of Princeton University and letting her know just what you think of Princeton’s abysmal animal research program , Princeton’s shame. All of us together can and must bring the nightmare to an end for these sentient animals.



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