“To create suffering without recognizing it – this is the essence of unconscious living; this is being totally in the grip of the ego.” Elkhart Tolle

Horses are one of the most exploited animal, and therefore one of the most abused animals, much of it being torture. Vegans believe, and rightfully so, that riding horses is a form of slavery. In a perfect world, horses would be free to pursue their own lives without human interference. Horses are herd animals, which naturally associate with large numbers of other horses, graze in meadows, trot great distances, play, and court. Domestication has certainly not benefited horses, as they’ve long been exploited as beasts of burden and are kept constantly constrained and only allowed to move about at the will of others. Horses have to be broken before they’ll tolerate any of these things. After this they are only allowed to do what their human master allows. If horses were happy serving us in any capacity, why wouldn’t they have allowed it to happen in the first place? Exploiting horses, and saying “they like it” encourages the view that it’s ok that humans exploit animals. Or that it’s ok that we have the final word over how they live and die.



Horses are primarily enslaved for work, sport, recreation and entertainment. Horses are also tortured then slaughtered for their meat. After horses are broken, they seem to accept whatever burden is put on them ungrudgingly. This “co-operation” and calmness is often taken as a sign of vulnerability and is exploited by the owners.



Horses exploited for sport; steeple chasing, horse racing, multi-day events, horse wrestling, cross country, jumping, barrel racing, rodeos, harness racing, blood sports/hunting. Horses are among the principle victims of exploitation in human sporting activities. They are frequently injured and die in horse races, especially races over hurdles such as the infamous British ‘Grand National’; they are also blinkered and whipped to make them run faster, or the Riverside Suicide Race, where horse often die from the nearly 400 foot steep grade of the suicide hill, the riders trying to make it down and through a river. It is unconvincing to claim that the animals can enjoy being subjected to this. Horses are also enslaved and forced to take part in the dangerous contact sport of polo in which collisions and a hard, fast-moving puck pose serious danger to the animals who, unlike their riders, have no choice in whether they take part.



Enslaved to do our work; carrying loads, pulling everything from chariots to carriages full of fat humans, maimed and killed during our wars, transportation, herding, mining operations, etc. Horses have been exploited for human purposes and profit since the beginning of time, and we need to take an honest look at the disconnect between society’s horror over eating horses and its tacit approval of exploiting them in so many other ways.
Carriages; Even though horses tend to be skittish and sensitive, they are still forced to provide carriage rides on busy city streets and, at this time of year, in shopping mall parking lots for seasonal promotions. Fighting crowds, dodging traffic and trying not to slip on icy streets while hauling oversized loads day after day takes a toll. Accidents have occurred in nearly every location where carriage rides are allowed and many horses have died. But as long as people pay to ride, horses will continue to be worked until they can’t take another step.  Many of the horses who end up in slaughterhouses used to pull carriages, but are now too worn out to continue. Urban centers including New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Charleston, St Augustine and other cities in the U.S. and around the world are no places for horse drawn carriages. The film Blinders exposes the truth.



Horses exploited and used as slaves in the entertainment industry;
circuses, horse racing, rodeos, horse diving,TV and movies, carnivals, on display at schools.  All forms of entertainment that exploit non-human animals should be banned; animals, like us, can feel fear, stress, exhaustion, and pain. The horseracing and rodeo industries are equally culpable for sending horses to their deaths. As many as 20,000 horses were slaughtered in Japan in 2008, partly because of over breeding of thoroughbreds in the U.S., where racehorses are exploited as disposable commodities. Tens of thousands of foals are produced each year for the greedy racing industry, but there is no plan for what to do with them when their racing days are over. Even horseracing stars can end up in a slaughterhouse. Kentucky Derby winner Ferdinand was sold to a Japanese breeder and a few years later, when they were done with him, he was sold to slaughter. Movie and Television Sets, where animals are used as involuntary “props” to sell products and services, and to boost the profits of studios and production companies. In addition to all the problems associated with keeping wild animals in captivity, animals used in filming have been mistreated, injured, or even killed on set. and in shopping malls and schools where they are put on public display. Using animals in entertainment brutalizes society towards animals and nature. And what for? Purely for the entertainment of we arrogant exploitative humans.



Horses haven’t been slaughtered in the United States for the last five years. But Congress recently restored funding for U.S. inspectors to oversee horse slaughter, paving the way for horses to be killed and butchered here in the U.S. once again. More rules on how to kill horses “humanely” doesn’t help horses—it prolongs their suffering. And they will continue to suffer as long as the industries that breed horses for profit keep exploiting these animals for our “enjoyment”

When horse slaughter was banned in the U.S. in 2006, it didn’t stop horse killings. Mercenary ranchers who make their living from horse flesh simply jam horses into undersized trucks and haul them for hundreds—sometimes thousands—of miles to slaughterhouses in Canada and Mexico. Horses often arrive at the slaughterhouse with gashed foreheads, broken bones, compound fractures, eye infections and other injuries. They meet their end with a bolt gun, an often slow and agonizing death caused by the carelessness of workers who fire poorly aimed bolt after bolt until the animal finally dies. They are then bled out and skinned, usually in full view of other terrified horses.



Anyone who cares about animals should condemn horse slaughter altogether and call for an absolute ban on both the export of live horses and slaughter in the U.S. One doesn’t work without the other. Animals are not novelties; they have their own needs, interests, and rights — including the right to engage in their natural behaviors in their natural environment. We are committed to using every tool at our disposal, from lobbying to lawsuits to grassroots organizing, to end the cruel exploitation of animals for human amusement and profit.


– Organize a protest at an location where horses are exploited….we can help!

– Serious animal rights groups protest important issues with strong actions and sustained campaigns. For information about how you can become involved in your area contact

– Become vegan. If people stop using and eating animal, others stop killing animals for profit. Period. Get your free vegan starter kit! (click on learn more)

– If eating horse flesh appalls you, so should the industries that provide the bodies. People can make a real difference by staying away from the racetrack, shunning carriage rides and steering clear of the rodeo and the circus. Order you free Take Action for Horses Pack!


34 comments on “Horses

  1. i have read through all of these comments and some are seriously disturbing. ” You are an abuser if you ride a horse.” sometimes. let me explain. i am a Jew, and you all might think were a bunch of starry eyed scholars but no. in our teachings it is stated that humans are naturally on an uplifted state of mind that the animals around us. so if an animal who we treat with respect can help us in service to god, who created everything, then that animal should be happy to have the chance to be uplifted. we are also instructed in our moral law that many millions of jews have died following, that it is a sin to commit Tza’ar ba’alei chayim (literally means: “the suffering of living creatures”) which is the Jewish principle which bans inflicting pain on any animal, and little children are even told not to kill an ant in the house, rather to put it out side. Resting on the Sabbath also means providing rest for the working animals, and people are instructed to feed their animals before they sit down to eat.
    At harvest time, the working animals must not be muzzled, so that they can eat of the harvest as they work.
    Sports like bullfighting are forbidden. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef has characterized bullfighting as “a culture of sinful and cruel people” which is opposed by Torah values. torah is the way we live our life and it gives us guidance and instruction in every aspect. it is even said that a horse and an ox cannot be given work together, it would be unfair to the horse to have to keep up. i think that the way some people treat horses is despicable and i almost cried seeing these pictures. i love horses. people who love these animals take time and tons of money to find out ways so that life can be good for both. you cannot compare a human to an animal, not even an ape. animals have feelings, i would never, ever disagree, but comparing them to human emotions is not an educated thing to do. i don’t want to spark any controversy but i will say this, horses do enjoy being cared for and by humans, even if it means being ridden. horses are amazing creatures who have the ability to love and trust after abuse, how is that not 2 way love? all things exist to help us create a beautiful world for god to live in. if that thing is to help someone do a good deed by rescuing a horse? then thats how it was always meant to happen. I’m not saying we should let it. I’m saying that if we keep on fighting it, redemption for all creatures will come faster.

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  3. Clearly you know nothing about horses. Not every rider is bad. My horse who I got just after his 4th birthday didn’t have a problem with me getting on him or “breaking” him as you call it. My boy friend was a different story though and because Ardista showed me that he didn’t want him on his back I don’t let my boy friend ride him. My older horse Poppa is an ex race horse and ex polo pony he is now 22 and was 18 when I got him. He has spent the last 2 years retired in the paddock and the year and a bit before them we would go for gallops around with out a bit or saddle because he didnt like them. If my horses tell me they don’t like something then they don’t have to do it. You must understand though these animals are not our slaves we have to groom them, feed them, water them, muck out, treat wounds, spend hundreds on them every week I got a second job to fund my boys lifestyle. So if anything we are there slaves. No I don’t agree with how every horse is treated but most riders spend 99.9% of their time on the ground looking after their animals not in the saddle. You don’t know what your talking about and you should just keep your mouth shut because you look like a fool.

    • You are indeed a slave owner Ruby. First and foremost, getting him after he was broken and trained doesn’t releive you of the blame of accepting that’s what needs to be done. DUH. If you really loved him, you would run around and walk with him and play with him like any other companion animal. No matter how well you treat a slave he is still a slave. This guy serves you plain and simple. When a horse is rescued and goes to a sanctuary, they are allowed to run free on huge pieces of land and make friends and live THEIR lives. It can and is done like that all over the world. Hoeses aren’t “supposed ” to be ridden for them to be happy. They are beings just like you. If you wouldn’t accept serving as a vehicle for someone then you shouldn’t be doing it to someone. If you’re such an awesome human then see if you can keep yourself off his back!! Bet you would rather not have him if he can’t do anymore than love you.

    • I am really confused as to why some are upset. If you have horses,,, take great care of them. Plan on keeping them till death from old age do you part,,, why are you so damn upset? This blog is to awaken people to the suffering of horses. Get over yourselves.

    • Ruby I do agree with you, how the owner of this site emphasises that all horse owners are bad and cruel. Clearly this ranting blog writer don’t realize that we, the good horse people, who take ex race horses into our care rather than letting them go off to slaughter, at least they have a purpose to life then and didn’t have to suffer inhumane death. Well if we are so bad to horses why don’t you speak out about all the dogs and cats who also needed to be domesticated in the past? you are a bloody fool really. I don’t tolerate animal abuse, equine slaughter, domestication of wild animals such as zoos and circuses or mass hunting and killing of animals especially wild and endangered with no good reason at all, but also I don’t tolerate it when people like this go about ranting and emphasise that all animal owners, especially horse owners, are bad people. Really, you need to learn the difference between breaking a horse (forcing a horse to allow someone on his back using inhumane abusive methods) and BACKING a horse (working with a young horse using discipline, time, patience and humane methods to LEARN the horse using his curiosity to advantage.) I have a fresian cross, came from the mounted unit I have never seen a horse abused so badly in my life, you couldn’t even catch him with food, he now follows me around like a puppy, and I am the only person he trusts. Literally, If that horse where my slave he wouldn’t be following me around or allow only me to handle him. If I where abusive why did HE chose to have a bond only with me then?? Why does he trust ME ONLY?? Not because I’m abusive I can damn assure you that! But yes lets free all horses from the torture of the good caretakers, let them run wild in our streets, let slaughter not even be an option to solve the problem of over population I would like to see you sit and watch how horses are being shot, slaughtered in mass, hit by vehicles, burned, and all that horrible stuff because what the good horse owners do are clearly more inhumane and abusive according to your ranting! There are bad people in this world who don’t deserve a damn bit to own animals and It’s fine to do the calling out, that’s the only way to bring this problem to light and insure a good solution is available to solve it, but when you rant, you emphasise that all equine owners are abusive! Stop emphasizing that all horse owners, riders and competitors are abusive and bad to their animals!! The wallets of good owners are empty because every damn cent they earn are spent on the welfare of their animals! Wake up! Really if that where the case take your dog and set it free! he also has a will of his own and never chose to guard your house! He also needs to listen to you to what you say is right and wrong! He never chose that! Bloody ridiculous, you think you’re so damn smart, but instead you look like a total asshole.

      • And by the way my Friesian is not ridden due to tendon injuries during his service in the mounted unit, and guess what I would never even consider giving him up!!

      • Laureen, you’ve spent an awful lot of time skipping past the main point that you can love and care for a horse just like any other companion animal- NEXT to him, not riding him. That he is ridden makes all your other comparisons moot- except helper dogs, they shouldn’t have to work either. I rescue senior cats, not dogs but I feel the same about them in service to anyone. We have a pet door and they come and go as they please. They’re fed and loved simply because they exists, not because they do anything to serve me. Yes, there are WORSE people than horse riders but you’re still making him a slave for your own use. I’m pretty sure you personally (a sanctuary would- its what they do) wouldn’t own or rescue a horse that you couldn’t ride.

        • You clearly didn’t READ my post THOROGHLY as I stated that I OWN a friesian cross that is UNRIDEABLE due to tendon injuries, and he has a companion, a saddlebred mare ALSO UNRIDEABLE. I OWN THEM. Read post thoroughly before you make your. Own assumptions and own conclusions.

          • What does that have to do with you riding horses? Do you think doing something good makes riding other horses ok??

    • Just because your horse may look like he/she doesn’t have a problem with you doing these things to it, doesn’t mean it’s true. Infact, horses are our slaves. We use them for our own entertainment and pleasure, without even caring or thinking about how that horse may feel when your sitting on it’s back, controlling them and treating them like this. Horses experience pain when you put a saddle on them and especially when you strap on their girth so tight, it hurts them and makes them feel uncomfortable. Horses can still get enough exercise by running around in a paddock, and with you walking it. Really, your the one who looks like a fool.

  4. This blog is ridiculous. If this was done horses would have no place to live. Horses running free would become like the deer and pests to farmers where they would be shot on site because they would destroy crops and property. They would be hit by cars on a regular basis and full of disease. I’ve seen freed horses in north america and they always look unhealthy. There is cruelty everywhere with animals and humans. This world is not perfect and will never be perfect. All we can do is our best and for you to spout your ideas as the ultimate answer is a joke. fight animal cruelty not people who are looking after and caring for animals. I bet you know close to nothing about how to even take care of horse, I bet you animals run wild in the house with no rules. Yet in any animal pack or herd their are rules and punishment for not following those rules.

    • Jil, you are sick, heartless woman to come away from the horrific treatment of horses shown here and say what you say. Disgusting and shameful. But I’ve heard your exact words before. I’m guessing you are holding a horse hostage and making her either work for you or carry you, while saying you treat your slave well so she’s not a slave. Why can’t you have a horse as a companion animal, like a dog or cat, and take care of her without her having to serve you in some way?? You can run, play, go on long walks together, etc. I don’t understand what you tell yourself.

      Let me repeat the opening quote since you need to read it again:

      “To create suffering without recognizing it – this is the essence of unconscious living; this is being totally in the grip of the ego.” Elkhart Tolle

      • Oh my GOSH! Haven’t you read what she posted???? She agrees with fighting animal CRUELTY!! How on damn earth can you say that she approves of what is happening to the animals in the pictures above??? My gosh! YOU are the sick and heartless woman really! Scolding good animal owners for being bad! Bad me! Bad me! Bad Jill! Bad Jill!

        • You think a dog doesn’t serve? What about those dogs serving the blind? What about the dogs serving as guard dogs? What about the dogs serving In the military ALSO being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan! What about those dogs serving in the Police forces ALSO getting killed in pursuit of criminals! Killed to keep YOUR ass safe!!

  5. Unless you own a horse, you cannot say that it is slavery to ride them. I have been riding and caring for horses for 24 years and have NEVER abused one. One of my horses practically throws her head into her bridle to go for a ride cause she enjoys it so much.
    If you are going to blog about this, I think you should make sure to put in that there are MANY loving horse owners who treat their animals like family and love them.
    I am against a lot of the horse abuse, but stating that riding them ( just riding period) is abuse is taking things out of context.
    Yes steeplechasing is dangerous and should be stopped, I feel the same about cross country events. But you forget about the people who have their horses just to love and enjoy the animal, the love and all that you get from it
    That’s just IMO, but I am sure many others feel the same

    • Mellie, keeping a horse to ride or do work is abuse. Taking a horse from the wild to ride or do work is abuse. Selling any female’s children is horrific abuse (breeding). So just because YOU didn’t do these things, it doesn’t absolve you from being a human who is continuing the abuse. If a horse cannot live in the wild because she was sold or taken from her mom, then she needs to be in a sanctuary. You are an abuser if you ride a horse. If you cannot keep yourself off their backs or from putting bits in their mouths, then do the right thing by all you “own” and give them to a sanctuary to be cared for with real love.

      • i have been riding for a long time all of my horses have been from one another they have never been sold just for money i dont do shows just for money you may think that riding a horse is abuse but think about how many horses people love and care for and who never want to see a horse being hurt in any way or fashion.think about how many people dont hurt these beautiful animals we love them because it is our passion not because of money

        • If you love your horse then stay off of his back. You can run with him, play with him and love him just like you would a dog or cat! I understand he’s a companion animal and there are worse places he could be- like in an illegal slaughter house. But if you cannot keep yourself of of the animal’s back you only really really love your slave.

          • Do you know how strong horses are.? as long your not to heavy for him (I’m 45kg riding a 16.1hh 4year old solid stb gelding) then they don’t mind. What’s better standing in a paddock, yard or stable all day or going out with your best friend for a trek through forest, fields and beaches.?

            … I’m guessing you’ll understand the horse lingo seeing as you think you know everything about them.

            • What’s best is for you to stop comparing different levels of slavery like one is better than the other. FREEDOM is what all beings deserve. And while we’re on the subject, I’m betting that you don’t see breeding horses as a continuous life of rape and having their kids stolen from them. I have heard people like you laugh about putting their arms up a girl horse’s vagina like it was OK. Just like with you,
              non-consensual vaginal penetration is rape. If you bought a horse born by rape, you’re even worse then you think. Here’s the thing Ruby, you’re only thinking about yourself when it comes to “your” horse. It doesn’t matter what language they or anyone speaks, or, what you think it means. If you wouldn’t like to live riding someone around on your back then you don’t do it to others. Period. If you wouldn’t want someone to take your baby and sell it, then you don’t buy it when others do it. Period. You may not believe this, but I do appreciate your opinions here no matter how awful they are. At least it occurs to you at all…maybe some day it will occur to have a 2 way relationship with your horse- the kind where you treat others as you would want to be treated.

              • Where did you get your dog? It was bred by someone else, why is it okay to get a dog or cat in such manner but not for a horse? You can’t tell be that your dogs are offspring from your ancestors dogs. Do you know even if a horse conceived naturally through her own will, It is important to know if the pregnancy is progressing smoothly?? especially prior to birth making sure the foal is lying in the correct position? Now those people who own horses where the mare conceived naturally but have no access to equipment such as ultrasound NEEDS to push their arms up the horses behind in order to know the foals position! oh wow making sure my mare will have a non-life threatening smooth foaling process is rape!

  6. please make it stop!! please allow our beautiful animals to have a life just as we do… we are all one with a soul…. have some compassion!!

  7. Que hp esto es intolerable..son bestias sin alma y inhumanos sin corazon..ojala kes pase a esos degenerados lo mismo que hacen…

    • Its horrific Gail, I agree. But Romney is insane. I mean you can only say the word “rape” so many times in an election before you throw your chances away! But that’s politics not animals. We have a fight with Obama for sure.

      • It’s not abuse to ride a horse , I don’t use a bit on my horse , spurs or a whip on my horse . they don’t mind being rode if you do it respectfully . if my horse looks as happy to be playing with his buddy out in pasture as me riding him it’s ok

        • GAWD. Lauren, is it abuse to ride a tiger? Is it abuse to ride a bear? How about a giraffe? A whale? How about you…is it ok for someone to keep you in a barn and ride you when they feel like it? No, none of this is ok. The ONLY reason riding horses is ok to you is because you want to do it so you make stuff up to make it ok even though you know better than to apply it to anyone else. Your horse looks “happy” because he is your slave and he’s so desperate to even just pretend he’s free that he appears to enjoy it. He can make no decisions about how he lives, he cannot chose what he eats. It doesn’t matter, in fact, what he wants because just by coincidence he wants everything you want. Shame on you.

          • Have you ever seen when you walk to your horse’s stable with their morning concentrate, how the ears are pricked, the eyes wide open and sparkling, the muzzle moving and the neck stretching, the nostrils flaring and then they greet you with a nicker as if saying:”yay! food!” If a horse isn’t happy you would know it, they don’t pretend. They are either happy or not. PERIOD!

    • Right and Mitt the canned hunter and his buddy paul the trophy hunter would have been so much better. I wanted Dennis Kucinich. But I will still take obama over those two idiots.

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